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Monday, March 31, 2008

The very first public Navadisha seminar ever

Well the south side of Chicago
Is the baddest part of town
And if you go down there
You better just beware
Of a place called KodenKan
(With apologies to
Jim Croce)

Well, not really.... Actually they're are very nice people.

I was down at Midway KodenKan in Chicago yesterday teaching a seminar. This was the very first time I have publicly taught a portion of the Filipino/Moro art I learned quite some years ago, which I call Navadisha Asika (Nine directions fencing).

I was assisted in teaching by my two private students of the art, Steve Van Harn and Mariah Moore.

We had a very nice turnout and the people who attended were a pleasure to work with.

I have to admit, I was a little worried when we started as most of the attendees were already skilled in other FMA and Navadisha is pretty basic and compact. Also we were starting from the beginning and I didn't wanted people getting bored with doing basics.

This was a game crew though, and they jumped in with real enthusiasm as we covered the material.

By the end of the day people were moving and flowing quite well with the material we had covered.

I had a great time and it was a very good opportunity to introduce my students to teaching the material. It was no big thing for Steve who had was at master level in another art before I ever got my hands on him and had practice teaching, but Mariah is young and I think this was a good experience for her. Sometimes the best way to learn is to share what you know with someone else.

I am very grateful to John, Jose and the students of Midway KodenKan for for giving me the opportunity to spend some quality time there.


Anonymous said...

You said it, what great group of people and one of the nicest dojo's I have ever seen. It felt like a mini gathering of the tribes crowd.

John and Jose were exellent hosts and really know there stuff.

I will send you the pic's I took soon.

Thanks for letting me tag along with you guys, I had a great time.


Mike Blackgrave said...

Kamusta ka Mushtaq..excellent work. John and the lads are top notch and as humble as they come. I am glad that all went well. I look forward to the gathering this year and I look forward to picking your

Janet said...

Sounds like it was great fun.

Dan Gambiera said...

W00t! W00t!

Will it be folded into the Zul Fakr curriculum?

Anonymous said...

Off topic but check out this article
As a student of "images" and political mythology, I could write hundreds of pages about this. How about you? (Maria de Feral)

Silatyogi said...

Looks like good seminar.