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Monday, March 10, 2008

This one's for Bobbe

For some reason, my friend Bobbe has been something of a freak magnet lately.

He was back stabbed by people who should have been looking out for him as a Silat brother, forcing him onto the path of a Wolf's Head.

Caput gerat lupinum

He has had his youtube site infested with trolls who, having no life of their own, spend huge amounts of time leaving sophomoric (1: suggestive of or resembling the traditional sophomore; intellectually pretentious, overconfident, conceited, etc., but immature; 2: childish, adolescent, juvenile.) comments on his videos.

Most recently, he has been verbally harassed by an oafish buffoon who is pretentious enough to think he can trademark the name of a Silat style that has been around for 100 years or more.

It makes me wonder if Bobbe might have done something really dumb in a past life or something. Or maybe he has not been sacrificing enough canned mackerel to the squid god. Perhaps he left an offering of one of those French speaking beers on the alter of Cathulu, thereby offending him beyond reason, who knows.

When I am feeling stressed by all the stupid people in the world, I put on some tunes and chill for a bit.

So here are some tunes to cheer you up dewd.

First, some Gillian Welch, an orphan girl who made good. She doing "Caleb Myer" with her partner David Rawlings, who's playing that fiddle back guitar like he's going to town.

And the there is this cover of "Star Of The County Down" by the Orthodox Celts.

To hell with the crazy people!


Todd said...

"Indonesian Brain-Rot strikes four out of five. Please give generously."

Jas. said...

"When I am feeling stressed by all the stupid people in the world...."

There *are* some stupid people in the world but ... I wonder sometimes ... how can I tell if *they* are the stupid ones ... or if *I* am?

In the case of the YouTube trolls, it's easy ... trolls are, by definition, stupid and mean and petty and so on, but they're usually few in number compared to the general population. The danger lies in thinking that *many* people are stupid (or, at least, more stupid than I am) and acquiring a false sense of superiority.

Any advice for how to avoid that?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that you guys are sticking together... I am a great fan of both your blogs, in fact I have discovered many more good ones through those two.
BTW, my band has played some joint gigs with Orthodox Celts, and I know the singer :-)

Mushtaq Ali said...

Any advice for how to avoid that?

I recommend making faces at yourself in the mirror each morning.

Mushtaq Ali said...

Any advice for how to avoid that?

Which band is that?

We do tend to stick together. That's the whole point of the League of Nonaligned Martial Artists.

Jason said...

Hi Mushtaq

Really enjoy your blog, and thanks for introducing me to Gillian Welch.


Steve Perry said...


Silatyogi said...

I say we all trademark BUKTINEGARA, SILAT, PUKULAN, DETHOUARS, PETJAK, PENCAK, PAK SERAK, FUck it lets trademark JAVA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA. If we all chip in we could do it and then we could grant every one permission to use the names EXCEPT :

PAK VIC, PDT & THE BUKTI kung fu masters .

Anonymous said...

Oh, my band is called Bukowski, but we are more in the hard 'n' heavy line, although I do not consider our music "metal". Heck, I'll send you our demo stuff, if you would really like to her, but all the lyrics are in Serbian!
BTW, I really like your approach to sticking together in LNMA, hence my liking for your opinions in the featured blogs...

Mushtaq Ali said...

I would love to hear some of your stuff, but I must allow that I know only two phrases in Serbian, "Ne razumem" and "Govorite le Engleski?", but that has never stopped me from listening to music before.

Music is its own language to a great extent.

Do you have anything up on MySpace or YouTube you could point us at?

Mushtaq Ali said...

I say we all trademark BUKTINEGARA...

I wouldn't want the bad karma that comes with all the names. Besides there are better ways to deal with this pack of would-be thugs.

BTW rumor has it that you have just picked up a new gig with the LEOs, congrats!

Dragan Milojevic said...

Hey, we still do not have any stuff uploaded to watch/listen to, but as said before, I'll be glad to send you a CD... Bah, maybe even the one for Bobbe, I guess, with his interest in SF and horror,he might be even more inclined to that type of stuff.
Anyway, if we should ever put something on the 'net, I'll make sure to notify you. Cheers!

Silatyogi said...

thanks Mushtaq

yes I am on my way to LEO work.

Should be interesting. I will keep you posted.