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Sunday, March 09, 2008

This is the guy who Hillery Clinton thinks will make a better president than Barack Obama

One wonders what McCain has to hide about his stay in the Hanoi Hilton?

(Hat tip to AmericaBlog for breaking this story)
Personally, I don't hold it against him. you get waterboarded enough times and you'll do anything to make them stop.

Oh, wait a minute, McCain says waterboarding isn't torture, so I guess that's not what made him collaborate with the NVA.

But the most interesting thing is that this is the guy that Clinton would rather see in the White House rather than Obama.

It really makes one wonder what McCain has to hide and why he spent so much time and effort blocking information on POW/MIA's

I don't hold McCain's war record against him. I have had family members who were POWs in both WW2 (Japanese and German) and Korea. I have some sense of what they went through, and I suspect that McCain faired no better. I would like to see full disclosure though and the results of psyc evals on him.

And I really want to know why Clinton thinks he would make such a good President?


ManAtWork said...

I'm honestly not sure what to think of McCain. Half the time he seems like someone who could be forthright and honest, the other half of the time he acts like the manchurian candidate.

Mostly it looks like he's trying to walk the Republican tight-rope to get the votes he needs to win a general election.

As to why Hillary would endorse McCain? Because it's one more way for her to paint Obama in a negative light without having to actually prove anything. She is using anecdotal evidence based on McCain's service record, and her own supposed 3 am pantsuit nightgown damage control.

Like I've said. This country has had enough of Bush and Clinton for now.

Steve Perry said...

Actually, in his interview on 60 MInutes last night, when asked if waterboarding was torture, McCain's comment was: "Of course it is." He then went on to explain how, after WWII, Japanese who used waterboarding against Americans were prosecuted for it.

You been around, Mushtaq. You know at this level of politics, the candidates are going to say whatever they think they need to say to get elected. All of them.

If you sit close to the contestants in a mud-wrestling match, you are apt to get splattered.

What remains to be seen is how much Rocky will stoop to. I'd love for him to keep it clean, to avoid negatives, and run on the hope he inspires. To avoid demonizing his opponent(s).

I wouldn't bet a nickel that he will. I'd still support him if he gets the nomination.

You would support McCain, who will get to appoint judges, set more Republican policy, as well as prosecuting the unwinnable war for a hundred years, if that's what it takes?

C'mon. Cool down.

I'd not vote for McCain if he was the only guy in the race, and voting was mandatory. When he rolled over for George Bush to scratch his belly back at the Republican convention four years ago, he lost any respect I had for him as his own man.

You might not like Hillary's style, but if you can't see that she is better than four more years of hardcore Republican rule, you might want to drop by the doc's and get your eyes checked ...

ManAtWork said...

When it comes to Republicans, McCain is actually quite progressive. Quite a few Republicans can't stand him because he isn't conservative enough for them.

He's about as far from hardcore Republican as you can get. When you're a Republican and even Rush is slinging mud at you, you know you've done something right.

His views on undocumented immigrants anger a good portion of the "conservative" base. That's just one issue we're facing as a country. At least he's honest about a possible solution.

I'm still not sure how any cadidate is going to pull of 'ending the war' in Iraq. We've fubared that country's political infrastructure so badly that I think we'd actually do more damage by simply up and leaving.

We broke it, we bought it. Bad intel or not. Quite a few people voted to go to war, and even Billary spoke about the "dangers" Iraq posed America.

Oh, and Bush forced him to roll over and get his belly scratched.

Don't get me wrong, I don't really like McCain. However he's the closest thing to a high-profile/powerful progressive candidate the Republicans have.

The bigger issue is that Hillary has deliberately politically undermined the lead candidate for the DNC nomination for a soundbyte.

She claims Obama isn't ready for the limelight, but that come July he "might" be ready to be VP? If she truly believed he was unfit to lead, then why would she place him as her XO?

Anonymous said...

I don't think she believes McCain will be better suited. She knows it's a very good bet that the Repubs aren't going to the White House this time around. Her objective is to beat Obama because if she does that, she's in like Flynn.

Mushtaq Ali said...

It doesn't matter what she believes, what matters is what she does. This was over the line and we don't need another Bush type in the White House.