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Monday, March 24, 2008

It makes you wonder

Barack Obama's former pastor makes some fairly hateful and ill advised remarks back in 2001...

and we see all sixty seconds played over and over in almost a continual loop for more than a week, with all the talking heads asking "How could Obama sit in the pews and listen to this week after week for twenty years?" Of course there is zero evidence that the pastor in fact said this kind of thing except in the tape fragment that has been played almost nonstop. I suspect that if there were more inflammatory video, we would see it.

But instead we have a bunch of "experts" and "strategists" telling us that this is what the pastor did every Sunday without offering any proof that this was the case.

On the other hand, Clinton out and out LIES about her trip to Bosnia, and we hear almost nothing about it.

What's up with that?



Anonymous said...


As normal, you are ahead of the curve.

This just in on the Yahoo home page:

Hey, I'm ahead of the curve too.

Notice how everything is Green now? Well,
I mapped out this territory 10 years ago.
And assorted items.

Now that people have caught on, let them
work it out.

Time to move on to new things and set the
stage for the coming decades.

(Sound of evil laughter . . . )


Dan Gambiera said...

Why? Because the Scary Negro worries the MSM and the Two Headed Monster. That's why there are still primaries going on after Clinton has been mathematically eliminated and why the talking heads are going over his (brilliant) speech with a proctoscope.

Lord forbid a *shudder* Liberal Mulatto who has admitted to fathering two Black children should get near the White House.

fairuza said...

I'll tell you "what's up with that", she is white and he is blck.

Who are they gonna go after?

Some things in America never change.

Hillary's story is quite funny though, she made it sound as if there were bullets grazing her head, I think CNN also said she was there with Sinbad and Sheryl Crow! LOL. She is battle-hardened all right! Right up there with McCain, she is!

Mushtaq Ali said...

I like to think that it is about more than just race, though I am pretty sure that race is a big part of the equation.

I suspect that it is also that the Clintons are part of the established power structure and therefore safe to the status quo. Power fears loss of control above all else.

B said...

That was hilarious. 'nuff said

Todd Erven said...

The whole pastor situation has made me like Obama all the more.

What did Obama do? He stuck up for Wright. He said that although he didn't agree with everything that Wright said, he was a good man whom Obama still respected. He tried to put the situation in context and defend the man.

That is integrity. In a situation where even a little scandal could sway the nomination to Hilary, Obama should have turtled up and defended himself. Instead, he stuck his neck out for his friend.

"He would not have been my pastor," Clinton said. "You don't choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend."

Damn straight. And when you've chosen your friends, you stick by them if they do or say something foolish. What would Hilary have done if this was her scandal? Would she have defended her pastor or would she have dumped him like a load of bricks?

Jason said...

classic will also see that Kwame Kilpatrick's story and picture was placed adjacent to Obama's stories in various papers and Fox ran the Jeremiah Wright story right before the Kwame story. Meanwhile, no one is talking about the fact that Hillary Clinton's campaign owes vendors over 8 million dollars, and that she is withholding payment as a way of saving funds for a general election that she most likely will not be a participant in...