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Friday, March 07, 2008

I think She Just Lost My Vote

To this point I would have been happy to see any Democrat in the White House, but Clinton just screwed the pooch!

If she is the Democratic nominee I will vote for McCain.

There is just something so vile about her stance that She and McCain have experience to be commander and Chief and Obama does not that I have to assume that she is at heart a "Lieberman Democrat".

Frankly, between the two of them, when it comes to national defense I would trust McCain's military experience (as limited as it was) over Clinton's experience in choosing the china patterns for White House dinners.

When she says that she has the experience and McCain has the experience and that Obama has nothing but speeches, as far as I am concerned, she has betrayed her party in a way that unforgivable. That kind of dishonesty puts her in the same camp as George W. Bush as far as I am concerned. We have had enough dishonesty in the last eight years to last for the next century, thank you very much, so screw her.

Here is a clip of Keith Olbermann reporting her betrayal of her party.


As for her claim that she has the experience because she was there for all those three o'clock calls when her husband was president, from all reports Bill Clinton was mostly entertaining someone else at that time of night. (One of the things that is going to hurt her if she makes it to the general election is the fact that her "family" is highly dysfunctional in a rather clinical sense).

The other thing that has turned me cold on Clinton is her assertion that she "will not accept" a Michigan caucus to get our delegates reinstated.

Sorry, it's not her place to tell us that we can't work this out in our own State. For getting our delegates seated according to our will. (Governor Granholm needs to remember that the ONLY reason she got reelected was the other choice was Dick De Vos, and no one wanted to see Blackwater getting no bid contracts to provide "security" for Michigan) She claims to have won our State, but she was the only Democrat on the ballot. If she wants to claim she won Michigan we need to have a runoff between her and Obama, and THEN win (at this point that seems fairly "iffy", while the Granholm contingent likes Clinton, she is not too popular with a lot of Michigan's citizens).

So, Sorry Hillery, there are some lines that should not be crossed. You and Joe Lieberman should get together and form your own party.

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Michael B. said...

Excellent Muhstaq and I concur in spades. She or should I say they (the Klintongs) are doing what everyone new they would. Kitchen sink alamode....lies, rhetoric and dirty politics. I to will vote for McCain if she wins..I would never support her no matter what...I didn't like her husband and she is Bill "The Knob" X 10...gees what a bitch!