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Friday, March 07, 2008

Gary Hart says it quite clearly

Over on the Huffington Post.

Read his opinion on the Clinton need for power and betrayal of the Democratic Party.

Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Good posts, Mushtaq. You always tell it the way that it is!



Anonymous said...


You tell it like it is!

Fihi ma Fihi . . .


Dan Gambiera said...

She's a Republican and always has been. She represents the DLC whose motto is "Nail yourself to the GOP platform."

Are you surprised that she stoops to Republican election tactics and is willing to destroy her own Party if it doesn't give her what she wants?

ManAtWork said...

Hillary isn't a Republican, she's a Chameleon. She's whatever she wants and feels she needs to be to garner enough vote to stay in power.

McCain while not perfect, is a good example of where the Republican party needs to be. His pandering about waterboarding is likely to keep Bush and friends from sandbagging his campaign like they did back during the 2000 election season.

To me the future of the Democrat party will be told by the choices of the Superdelegates. A party that claims has lost two presidential elections due to voting shenanigans and the difference between delegates and popular vote, embroiled in its own self-made controversy and egged on by two states whose respective democrat parties broke the rules they agreed to in order "matter" having invalidated the votes of their own constituencies.

I wonder how much attention the Gov. of NY's controversy will steal from Hillary.