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Friday, March 14, 2008

All Smoke and Mirrors

It's interesting how little of Hillery Clinton's "experience" has any substance to it.

Facts that contradict the three biggest claims that Clinton makes to real experience in foreign and domestic arenas turn out to........... how do we put this gently? Lack substance? Are overstated? Are a tissue of lies? Are just more Clinton fabrication!

Or perhaps it is just a mater of what the meaning of "experience" is.

The Clinton big three, that she played an instrumental part in the peace process in Northern Ireland, That she was instrumental in passing reforms in children's health care (s-chip) and that she went to Kosovo at great personal risk to broker peace, all turn out to be.... umm.... somewhat exaggerated.

The Boston Globe has the story on Clinton's bogus claim to have been pivotal on children's health care. Read it here.

As to Ireland, Former Northern Ireland First Minister William David Trimble — who shared a Nobel Prize for his peacemaking efforts in Northern Ireland says Clinton's claim is "a wee bit silly."

And Sinbad (the comedian, not the sailor) tells us the truth about the trip to Kosovo With Sheryl Crow, Mrs. Clinton and her then 15 year old daughter.

It was basically a USO gig.

Judging from this, Clinton passes the Republican test for commander and chief, she lies as well as George Bush.


Marc said...

I just found this and thought you might appreciate it. I will be back for classes in GR on Saturday!


Jas. said...

And still some people will vote for her because of her "experience".

I guess it's true what they say about democracy: it's the only form of government which assures that a people will get what it deserves.

Let's just hope America deserves something *great* this time around.

I am not optimistic.