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Monday, March 03, 2008

The ad Clinton (and Obama) should have Put on TV

I ran Across this on AMERICAblog this morning and found it rather to the point.

I have been down with the killer influenza that has been sweeping the country for almost three weeks now, but have finally started doing some real recovery. I am told that it got so bad here that local hospitals were refusing to see flu cases in the ER and only taking trauma cases.

It defiantly cut into my work and life in a rather negative way. It also made me quite happy that I have worked to keep my health and fitness up. I have heard of several people younger than I who died of the flu this year.

On the upside, it did give me plenty of time to keep an eye on the elections.

It is good to see that even in places like Ohio, which helped King George the second steal the White House, people are starting to realize that the Republican party under the guidance of the NeoCons and so called "social conservatives" have been working to destroy America for the last seven and a half years.

The same people who voted for Bush in the last election are seeing their homes being sold at Sheriff's auctions at a rate that has not been matched since the great depression. Some people would say "serves them right!", but not I. Bush played so well on the fears of the average American that he had middle America eating out of his hand (the fact that he was feeding them poison is another story).

Clinton, in her desperation to gain the White House, no matter what the cost, has begun to play the fear card as well. We have all seen her "It's 3 AM" ad by now. Obama came back with a counter that was OK, but I think this one is better.

Remember, surrendering to fear gave us two terms of George W. Bush, the ruination of our economy, the dismantling of the Constitution, the breaking of our military power, and the opportunity to send our jobs to China.

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