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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Holy Cow Pt 2

My friend Tananarive sent me a note this evening with links to a couple of videos she thought I might find interesting.

If you want to know why Barack Obama is likely to be our next President, watch these in order.

In this first video the reporter thinks he is going to sandbag the young man. The reporter's tone is very condescending and I think he wants to make the kid out as some sort of fluffy headed know nothing who is for Obama because it "feels good".


The second video was made by the young man in the first video because of a bunch of hate mongers who were claiming that he was a shill.

Listen closely, this is the kind of person who Obama is attracting, the kind of person that made this country great and who is likely to help return our country to something we can feel proud of.

My Hat's of to this young man, he gives me hope.

Pass these videos around folks.


ksmaguro said...

OMG, That man gave me chills!
Rock on!
Thanks for passing that on Mushtaq!

Anonymous said...

Smart guy. Very articulate. Young people like that give hope for our country.


B said...

Thank you. Seeing a person, near my age, who is not carelessly disenfranchised or selfishly unaware of the world around them has really brightened my day.