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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Winter Storm

They tell me that with wind chill, it's -20 f. out at the moment.

So of course I just had to go out to play.

It was amazingly cold out. Yesterday afternoon it had reached 46 f, tee shirt weather around here. Of course it rained all day, and all the snow melted leaving standing water everywhere.

Then the storm front got here. The temperature dropped to 25 f. within an hour and down to 5 f. by 11 pm.

This morning all that standing water had turned into one big sheet of ice with a layer of "crunchy" snow on top of it.

So here in West Michigan at least the tow truck drivers and body shops are prospering.

The woods on the lower forty were amazing today. the air was so cold it hurt to breath it and every living thing was still.

I wanted to hike down to the river, but it was just too cold for my usual winter dress.

Perhaps tomorrow.


Steve Perry said...

Power blinked off here last night, second time in three days, and only the third time in twenty-odd years.
Temperature was above freezing, we had candles and a gas-mantle lantern, put a log into the fireplace, no problem.

Mr. Frank had come over to cut our hair, but the lantern puts out enough light to do that, along with a little heat.

PGE had the power back on within an hour.

But if the temperature had been as low here as it is there? We'd have been bundled up with the dogs in front of the stove insert to sleep.

You can have it, Mushtaq. It looks pretty in the pictures, but for a southern boy, it's just tooo cold.

Michael B. said...

ahh walking in a winter wonderland..hmm today we hit 70....not bad!

Buddha said...

You're making me homesick. I'm reading this after I drove back from work in hail and freezing rain in southern Ohio. A tree limb snapped under the weight of the ice and fell on my car a few days ago. I'll take cold over this hands down. Some survival training for the silat regulars? (I understand that living outside in those conditions builds character, or something like that.)


Janet said...

Tumo, tumo, tumo