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Friday, January 04, 2008

This is what happens when George Bush ISN"T running your country

And when the oil companies don't have a stranglehold on your economy.

Take a look at the Mini-CAT a car run on compressed air!
(and it warms the cockles of my heart to scoop Buddha on this one)

It reportedly gets about 125 miles to a charge, has a top speed of close to 70 mph and costs about three dollars to recharge with compressed air. The sticker price for such an interesting car? It will start at around $7,000 US. The car will be on sale (if the oil companies don't manage to talk Bush into invading India to prevent it) in Europe and India by the end of this year.

The car was developed in France, and is being produced by Tata Motors, an innovative Indian company that has been producing compressed air buses since 2000.

You can read a bit more about the car in this article by Business Week .and this one at Raw Story .

I am betting though that Big Oil, The US car manufacturers and their minions, BushCo and the NeoCons, will do everything possible to keep this technology out of the hands of Americans.

How could they continue to bleed us dry with gas at three + dollars a gallon when most of us could take care of 90% of our transportation needs at three dollars a day or less.

Bush and the powers behind him want Americans as their serfs, controlling us through limiting our mobility and, just like the big mining companies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, keeping us deeply in debt.

How did that song go?

"Move sixteen tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St Peter don't you call me 'cuse I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store."
Technology like this car is very dangerous to the status quo. If the big American car companies don't get their heads out of their collective arses they will go the way of the buggy whip factory and the schools for key punch operators.

We need to be supporting the development of this sort of technology here in the States rather than stifling it. If we devoted the money that goes to subsidies and tax breaks for oil companies, we could have inexpensive private and public transportation in no time at all.

It is a sad day when we get beat out by France and India in the area of transportation technology. The Voodoo economics of Reagen and Bush have beggared this country, creating a national dept that will be handed down to our great grandchildren and bleeding off our resources, both human and material, with NOTHING to show for it but pain and suffering.

Reagen didn't make the world a better place, and Bush the Second has taken our country to new lows, and what we have to show for it is foreclosed homes the likes of which we haven't seen since the great depression, fuel costs that are so high that people are going into debt just to be able to go to work each day, and billions of dollars a day being poured into a pointless and failed war that has caused more death and destruction of civilian life and property in Iraq than Saddam Hussein ever did.

We have American children being denied health care so that George Bush and his NeoCon handlers can use our money to kill Iraqi children instead.

The next time you pay $90.00 dollars for a tank of gas, ask yourself why we, as a nation, are not putting the kind of effort to produce a fossil fuel free country that we did in putting a man on the moon.

The technology exists already, and we are behind the curve in comparison to the rest of the industrialized world.

Most of you who are reading this are too young to remember that the USSR beat us into space, and it took someone like JFK to rally the country and get our space program off the ground. (no pun intended) Nixon (who lost the election to JFK) wouldn't have done it and couldn't have done it. Conservatives after all think that "if man were meant to fly God would have given him wings".

We went from the shame of having been beaten into space by our enemy, to the only country to have one of its citizens walk on the moon (which fact won us , at least in part, the Cold War).

We did not do this by listening to Conservatives. There are no real Conservatives left now anyway, just Right Wing Authoritarians, NeoCons, and Theocrats dressed in Conservative clothing, people who would have thought Goldwater a liberal.

So it is up to you dear reader. Do you want to see economic prosperity to shift away from the US? If so then just support the Status Quo, vote Republican, and in very little time we will just be another has-been ex-super power like Great Britain and Russia, struggling to get by.

If you would like to be able to pay your bills, keep your home, and set a little something aside for your children, take a look at the other candidates and pick the one that will lead us in an energy self-sufficiency race as powerful as the Space Race.

When you elect this person, don't just sit back and let him do the work, keep on him and demand what this country needs.

The power still resides with the people here in the US, we have just been tricked into thinking that we are still children and do not have the rigt to self determination, Time to WAKE UP.


B said...

I waver from hopeful to scared on what 2008 can bring. The Iowa Caucus really showed some frighteningly large numbers for Huckabee while the democrates seem to be spread a little thin.

Steve Perry said...

Looks like an interesting start, but it's not quite as shiny as that, on a closer look. Top speed in the single-mode model -- the compressed air only version -- is thirty mph.

Won't do me any good trying to get to Vancouver for silat class once I get off the super-slab on I-5 between downtown Portland and the bridge ...

The ones you can take on the highway have to switch to another mode, and then you are back to hybrids that use fuel.

Maybe it'll get 70 mph on the flats, with one passenger and tailwind, but I wouldn't want to get it going that fast for fear of hitting a bump in the road and leaving the ground.

I drove a Miata for twelve years, not exactly a giant of an automobile, and when I moved up to a bigger car, it was a Morris Mini. Either of those would, in a collision, demolish Le mini-Cat ...

Mushtaq Ali said...

I suppose it would depend on what you need Steve, 30 mph takes care of about 80% of my needs. The point of the article is that we need to treat the fuel problem like we did the space race.

Other people have gotten a jump on on this sort of thing, leaving the US in the dust as it were.

I suspect that what we need to be asking is more along the lines of "what will make something like this work well?" rather than just blowing it off because it wasn't handed to us perfect already.

It's true that a Morris would probably do some real damage to the Mini-Cat in a collision, though I haven't seen any safety tests yet, but it is also true that a Morris would demolish my bike.

That doesn't stop me from using a bicycle for about 90% of my transportation needs three seasons out of four. It just makes me pay more attention to what I am doing.

Michael B. said...

Does Chevy make one in an SUV..I'm in Texas remember.......LOL...

B said...

"Does Chevy make one in an SUV"--Would that be the Huffer?

Seriously though, that car would take car of my to work commute.

DefSufi said...

Does anyone remember the Honda N360? We all thought Honda was a joke until the late 70's when the US finally got used to the idea that a small car didn't have to be either a piece of crap (an evolution of thought helped along by Honda and others improving the quality of their intially crap cars unto excellence), or something that sped along at 150MPH and drank the gas pump dry. They were tiny, funny looking, and people said they would never take off in America...
I like the mini-CAT. It's about the same size as a SMART car, or one of the first Seat models (for the US crowd, that's "Say-aht" not "Seet"). And the mini-CAT would meet most of my needs, since I usually only put about 200 miles on my car in a fortnight. Most of which is 35MPH 'burb street driving.
Personally, I don't like paying 38 bucks to fill up my 12 gallon tanked car in the US, or even BIGGER fuels bills to fill up my car in the UK (at 1.99USD for 1GBP, x 1 quid average per LITRE of petrol x 50 litre (average) tank (50 x $1.99 ...ah, you do the maths, I'm too depressed now....)) Give me an air car NOW!
And of course, there's the upcoming Honda that will run on hydrogen