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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Primary in Michigan

or, watch the Democrats screw themselves even better than the Republicans can.

Well, tomorrow is the Michigan primary and it is going to be interesting.

On the Democratic side, the State party has managed to completely screw Michigan Democrats with their antics, assuring that the party's votes mean nothing, and interestingly, almost assuring the Clinton gets the State's nomination. (I am sure that this has nothing to do with Governor Granholm being a Clinton supporter. Perhaps she has forgotten that she is in office ONLY because she was the lesser of two evils, no one wanted to see Dick DeVos running the State and Blackwater getting contracts for "State security").

One thing that I expected to see on the Democratic side, which I have not, is the spreading the word that if you vote in the Democratic primary and you don't want to vote for Clinton, you can vote uncommitted. That would keep Clinton, at least theoretically, from winning all the Michigan representatives.

I hope that the word gets passed around at least somewhat before tomorrow.

Myself, I am voting in the Republican primary.

I have not made up my mind yet as to who I will vote for, the guy least likely to win if he runs for president, (Willard "Mitt" Romney) or the guy who will do the least damage to our country if the Republicans manage to rig the election again. (John McCain)

In any event, tomorrow will be interesting, so

Get Out And Vote Y'all

And here is an amusing video from YouTube from "Democrats for Romney" for you to enjoy


Frank said...

Um, Michigan was stripped of their delegates just as Florida was.

So there are no delegates at stake today in Michigan for Democrats.

Which is why none of the Democratic contenders are paying attention to Michigan

Mushtaq Ali said...

Gee Frank, Thanks for the heads up. Those of us who actually live here (and that was predominantly who the post was for) would have never known this without you telling us.

Trust me, the news got leaked here about the Democrats screwing the pooch with the national party and about all of the politicking being done for the Dems to get some of their delegates reinstated.

(But I's sure you know more about that than we do as well)

So some people are going to be voting in the Democratic primary just to make sure that it isn't handed to Clinton on a silver platter if/when the delegates get reinstated.

Most of the independents I've been talking with (and myself) are going to take a page from the Republican play book and visit them to see if we can skew the outcome toward a more "fair and balanced" race on their side.

The outcome is that there may be enough non-committed delegates to keep Clinton from owning Michigan after the party has finished the in-fighting here, and that Romney is likely to take the State by a narrow margin, keeping the Republican race a bit more interesting for a while.

But I appreciate you telling us poor dumb Michiganders what's going on here.

Just like we wouldn't know what a great job Bush has done with the economy, the environment and foreign relations if you hadn't been telling us over and over, ad nauseam, we certainly would not know what is going on in our own State without your incisive input.

Janet said...

It really pained me to not vote for my guy Kucinich, but I bit the bullet and voted Republican. Now I'll receive all their mailings and really be in the loop;-)

Aisha La Estudia said...

"I'm that's guy you've never heard of and I approved this message." with cereal bowl in hand... That was my favorite part.

Ugh, how can they take away the states Dem deligates? I heard the news... even in the Beaver state. I hope the land of a thousand lakes fairs better soon. This whole thing is a big fraking crock if ya ask me.
But I'm that chic you've never heard of and I don't really approve of politrix, but I vote.