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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Now that was fun!

But it was also an example of how much bullshit the media throws at us.

The New Hampshire primary was a lesson to anyone who buys into media hype.

Of course the media is still hyping the election and it seems that no one is yet telling the truth about what happened last night.

What is the truth? Clinton took the popular vote by a small margin, and she and Obama are tied for number of delegates, going to the convention with nine each.

I suspect that this is the best possible outcome we could have.

Clinton came back and did well because she stopped acting like a republican and started talking WITH people rather than at them.

That's Obama's strength, his ability and willingness to dialog with people in a spontaneous, unscripted way. Clinton has been hammering her talking points since she started this campaign, not realizing that the American people are sick to death of Republican style politics.

After seven years of George Bush and his cronies acting like we would believe anything they told us if they just said it enough times, the only people who are interested in talking points are the hard core right wing authoritarians. They find comfort in being told how the world is and don't have the awareness to be troubled by cognitive dissonance.

Now we have a race!

If Clinton sticks to her new strategy of acting like a human being and giving the voters the respect of actually discussing her intentions, she will do well. If she falls back into politics as usual, she will not.

The nice thing about the Democratic side of things is that any of the four front runners could run the country better in their sleep than Bush could on his best day. There is no real downside. For my money Obama is still the best choice and Clinton the worst, but that's what makes this interesting.

On the Republican side, things are a bit different. You have an old (OLD in spirit) War Horse, a Chameleon, a Hypocrite Theocrat, and a Thug.

McCain is the only one of them with any integrity at all, and I fear he is so out of touch with what America really needs he would have a hard time serving this country as its chief executive, though he would do a thousand times better than Bush or the other candidates, even without his Geritol.

Romney is a pure politician, doing and saying anything he thinks will get him elected, if he ever ran into the truth he would die of fright.

Huckabee is a guy who put a serial rapist back on the street to spite a political rival and suck up to his far right supporters. The Rapist rapes and kills more women of course. And Huckabee lies about the whole thing, which tells us everything we need to know about his "Christian" values. That whole "thou shalt not lie/bear false witness" thing seems to have slipped past him.

And mister "9/11" Giuliani gets creepier by the day. He acts like he's a "made man", a real New York Tough Guy. The only part I believe about that is that he is crooked.

It sucks to be Republican just now.


Æthelas said...

You missed a "Republican"... Ron Paul. What are your thoughts on him?

Mushtaq Ali said...

I think he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting into office.

He has some good ideas, better than most of the candidates in some areas, but his economic position would destroy the country.