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Monday, January 07, 2008

Mini-CAT update

As it turns out, contrary to the initial reactions of a lot of people on the net, the cup is in fact perhaps not half empty after all.

The think I find most interesting in my travels around the web checking out information on the Mini-CAT is how much negative reaction I see from commenters. These are not in the way of valid criticism of the technology for the most part, but rather on a more emotional, knee-jerk "if man were meant to fly" tone. It sort of makes me feel a bit for Orval and Wilbur (up until they got their "ungodly" contraption off the ground).

From what I can see, the idea looks pretty good still. Take a moment to check out The official Mini-CAT website and The Mini-CAT YouTube site to see what is already being done (by people who are not Americans, to our shame) using existing technology to make people oil free.

Then take a look at these two videos.

The first one is where I first heard about the car.

The second is from Australian TV showing both the Mini-CAT and another compressed air car that is quite interesting.

If you find this sort of thing hopeful agitate your representatives to put some of our tax dollars into this kind of research.

My guess is that if we put the kind of effort into freeing ourselves from fossil fuels that we did into getting into space we would have it done in about ten years.


murid_aisha said...


It would have been done about 10 years AGO. That is some of the best news I've heard in a bit. How I missed it, I don't know we DVR a few BBC news shows a day. Hmmmm, add that to the long, ever-increasing list of things I'd not know without you.
Your blog is totally bookmarked on my new blackberry :) Now I can read your blog in school too and on the train :)

Oh for the love of all that is good in the world... can we PLEASE PLEASE get something like air compressed cars. I wonder if they'd try to inflate the price of air. haha.

John said...

Mushtaq - good topic. I had read about the Mini-Cat maybe a year or two ago, but from everything I read about it at that time they were only making it up to 20-30 mph. If it truly does do 60-70 then there is no reason it couldn't work here. Hell, I'd buy one (especially at that price)!

Here is an interesting article about what one American (in the best sense) is doing with existing technologies:

And he's from Wichita, so he's got that going for him.

The ideas are definitely out there, we just have to break out of this corporate Disneyland Matrix thing and into the light and creativity of a new day.

Steve Perry said...

I was just looking for truth in advertising, Mushtaq.

The compressed air models do thirty mph; it takes an air/gas/alcohol hybrid to get to highway speeds, and the trip to Guru's or even Cotten's requires the interstate.

While I-5 to the bridge is slow, once you get into Vancouver, it would be a passing long trip trying to get there via back roads.

Not knocking the concept, I think it's good. But better to undersell it than over-hype it at this stage.

When you say it can do seventy, that's fudging a little ...

CATvolution said...

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