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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Down by the river

The temperatures got up into double digits today (15 degrees) so it seemed a good day for a hike.

I have wanted to get down into the woods for a while now, but 20 below is a bit cold even for me.

It warmed up today though so I decided to take a walk down to the river.

The property I live on is mostly woods, and the back boundary is the bank of the Grand River.

Every season here has its charm, but winter is rather special, if somewhat intimidating to people who are not used to dealing with the cold.

Most of our forest is deciduous, maple, birch and elm and box alder for the most part, but we do have the occasional evergreen as well.

I am quite fond of these Chinese Elm. This one is surrounded with about three feet of standing water, frozen to a depth of about six inches.

And here I am on the banks of the Grand. This is the heaviest ice flow I have seen on the river to date.

It is rather pretty though.


Anonymous said...

I like the pictures down there, they look like no where other than home.
How was the traction on all that ice?
I heard today that the river is at the peak of the flood level and it will more than likly flood soon due to the ice build up.

Mushtaq Ali said...

I am told that the low laying areas of Grand Rapids are being evacuated and that the flooding has already started.

Michael B. said...

Looks like fine ice fishing weather to me..great pics..hope all are safe!