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Friday, December 14, 2007

My most popular blog articles ever

I have a bit of code installed on this blog that allows me to see who comes here and what they read.

I do this mostly for the sake of curiosity, and to know what people find interesting. Sometimes what other people find interesting surprises me more than a little.

I started writing this blog in November of 2004, mostly as a method of 'decompression" after being so long outside the US.

I have to admit that I have come to enjoy the exercise.

In the Number Ten slot

I wrote this in reference to the movie "Equilibrium" and its martial art. While the fight choreography in the movie was mostly just for fun, the last fight gave me an idea for working with pistols at trapping range that actually had some merit.

Number Nine

I wrote this just after the bombing attacks in Great Britain. The Times of London actually picked it up and published it. That was the first time I had ever had an article published in a major newspaper, how kewl is that?

number Eight

This is a short story I wrote illustrating the deeper meaning of the Bush presidency.

Number Seven

This contains the guidelines for Silat (with tongue firmly in cheek)

Number Six

This was my way of dealing with a little tin god of a Silat instructor and his stooge. Lots and lots of people have read it since it was published. The Stooge has stabbed Leonardo squarely in the back and both their houses are in disarray. Karma is a wonderful thing.

Number Five

This was just some thoughts on teachers and students, but people seem to like it.

Number Four

This was devoted to keeping yourself healthy while training. It was picked up and published in Circular Strength Training Magazine.

Number Three

This was my opinion on the Martial Arts industry versus the Self Defense industry flame war.

Number Two

This is actually a series of articles on martial arts. It started because there was a thing or two I wanted to say about an event that happened many years ago that somehow managed to get talked about quite a bit. The series grew from there. In some ways I think that this is my best work.

And the single most popular story on my blog
Number One

I have always found it very surprising that this story is so popular. It was just a bit of history I related because of being reminded of the events. It was also the first time anyone every quoted my blog on theirs, when Nietzsche's Wife posted a line from it on her blog. At least twenty people a day are reading it for whatever reason. Go figure. I hope it is helping Jen sell a few CD's


Sean said...

20 Rules and Not In My Name = AWESOME... thanks for (re)sharing :)

John said...

Mushtaq - any thought to supporting Chris Dodd for President?

He's definitely my hero now.

murid_aisha said...

Love the list! Very interesting, I missed a few of those a while back.