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Friday, December 07, 2007

Freedom REQUIRES Religion?!?!?

Here's one of the uglier slippery slopes I have seen in a while

Las night on the news, most of the talking heads were raving about what a kewl speech Willard "Mitt" Romney, pretender to the throne, gave, and how "Kennedy like" it was.

Well, as it happens, I saw Kennedy's speech on his Catholicism when he gave it (on an old black and white, 19" screen TV with rabbet ears), it was one of the things I admired him for.

Romney is NOT Kennedy!

What Romney said, when you strip away the smoke and mirrors, is that there is no room in this country for anyone who is not a Christian.

As he said "Freedom REQUIRES Religion" And he goes on to talk about America in the context of the Christian view of God.

If that ain't downright Orwellian, I don't know what is.

What Romney wants is a theocracy, not a democracy. He wants an America that leaves no room for anyone who does not follow some religious (Christian) dogma, no matter how crazy it is.

It is telling that the President that Romney chose to quote was "His Rotundity", John Adams, who used the Alien and sedition acts for his benefit in a way that Bush would envy, who decreed days of fasting and days of prayer from his desk in the newly built White House as president.

I could only find one voice in the media who was not crying Romney's praises for his speech, that being Keith Olbermann. Take a look at his segment last night on Countdown. It is the only place I saw pointing out the really scary stuff in Romney's speech.

Countdown segment on Romney's speech

Of course all that lip service to religion is a bit questionable when contrasted with Romney's actions and his past. Let's not forget that Romney is the latest in a line of the American political nobility. Both his mother and father were politicians, his father being governor of Michigan, and a presidential candidate. (I could never figure that on out, being as dad Romney was born in Mexico where Grandpa Romney had fled to be able to continue his polygamous marriage).

So how do you find out the truth about a trained political chameleon like Romney? You certainly don't listen to what he says, he no doubt got his skills at dissimulating with his mother's milk.

The answer is to not listen to what he says, but to watch what he does, especially if he is caught off guard.

Take a look at this clip of Romney being asked an inconvenient question by a muscular dystrophy sufferer. Take a look at his body language (there are other longer clips of this confrontation, but I think this one shows enough). Ask yourself "Would Jesus have treated the man this way"? You can disagree with someone and still have empathy for their condition, still connect with them as a human being. Romney seems to have no empathy, just rhetoric.

Romney turns his back on the sick

Personally, that whole conversation creeped me out. It is obvious to me that Romney could give a shit about the guy in the wheelchair and was only interested in getting away. I consider that a perfect example of his "Christian charity".

Interestingly, some others did catch the drift of Romney's real message and did ask the important question "where do us non-Christians fit in Romney's America?" As we see, he is playing it cagey and has no interest in telling us the truth one way or another. Romney Spokesman Won't Say If Atheists Have Place In America .

The thing is, once there is a religious test for what a "true American" is, where is it going to stop? Here we see a bit of what might be in our future. German ministers say Scientology unconstitutional .

Yeah, I know, it's Scientology, a very wacky religion by most standards, They believe in space ships and such. But is that so much more weird than believing that the lost tribes of Israel jumped into boats, sailed across the Atlantic, colonized America, built a vast civilization, had wars, had Jesus show up, then became American Indians, leaving no trace of their having been here physically or genetically? Frankly, Hubbard's fiction is more believable as far as I am concerned.

But with Romney and his ilk in power we will have a religious test, and there is no room for the "unorthodox" according to Romney.


Dan Gambiera said...

I have to add a telling bit. Romney's speech was passionate in his belief that nobody should be excluded from the presidency on account of religion. But just a week or two ago he said that he would not permit Muslims to serve in his Cabinet. Religious tolerance is all very fine when it applies to him, But it just wouldn't do to extend that to everyone.

In doing so he has disqualified himself from the Presidency. The President swears to uphold the Constitution. Romney has clearly stated that he refuses to abide by Article VI which states "no religious test shall ever be required for a position of public trust."


Steve Perry said...

I saw a survey once, years back, said that Americans would be more likely to vote for somebody who worshipped the Devil than they would an atheist.

Is this a great country, or what?

And, Mushtaq, you don't want to get too deeply into how somebody's religion is sillier than somebody else's. The main differences between fringe cults and mainstream religions often seem to be no more than numbers of adherents and longevity.

People have faith in things that don't make much sense if you try to poke at it using the science yardstick. Using that test, whacky can get stretched to cover a lot of things.

Best not to go there ...

Mushtaq Ali said...

That would be the point Steve.

If you stare making religious tests the where does it stop?

Today we jump on Scientology, then tomorrow the Wiccans, eventually we get around to the Mormons.

Speaking as a person of significant Native decent, I find Mormons particularly obnoxious, but as long as they don't have the political clout to force their beliefs on the rest of us they can think what they want. (I do draw the line at the forcible adoption of Native children into Mormon families, but that's a different post).

Steve Perry said...

Ah. You were being facetious ...

Never mind ...

B said...

Wow...which one of us is first to go? The Muslim martial arts instructor (*gasp* hide the women and children) or me the martial artist with atheistic AND liberal tenancies (how immoral)?

If Mitt gets elected should we just report to the nearest detention center immediately or just wait for our own Kristallnacht?

Dan Gambiera said...

I dunno, b.

If the Muslim fundies win I'm a "brother of apes and pigs" (kike), and Tiel and I are Sufis. We die.

If the Christian fundies win Tiel and I are race mixing towel heads. We die.

And we're both gawdless libruls. So we die either way.