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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Other Blogs

I haven't talked about the blogs I read for quite a while now.......

And of course all my many fives of fans must be on the edge of their seats by now wondering.

Seriously, there is some really good material out there, and if you like, you can see what I find interesting.

First, let me introduce you to

Miss Stick

This is the blog of Mariah Moore, an average thirteen year old West Michigan farm girl who just happens to have a thing for full contact stick fighting.

I have to admit, Mariah is one of my students, and the youngest person I have ever allowed to train with me (she started when she was twelve). When Steve Van Harn brought her to me for consideration I thought he was a bit cracked, but it turns out the kid is a prodigy when it comes to whacking people up-side the head with a stick.

She is one of only two people I have/am training in my "family" style of South Philippines martial art.

She is also a WEKAF world champion. Take a moment and give her a visit.

Ecce Mulier

This is one of the very first blogs I ever read, and after a few years now I am still reading it. It is written by a young artist/poet who goes by the name "Nietzsche's Wife". She reminds me a bit of Anaïs Nin, only completely different.

She is creative, often brilliant, occasionally caustic, thought provoking, challenging, and never dull.

I have occasionally thought that she was born out of time. She would have made a great companion to Kerouac, Fariña, Pynchon, Kesey, and the like, back when an artist has more value in the world.

Poking the Tiger

My Friend and training partner Steve Van Harn decided to make himself a blog. It is just now in its beginnings, but I expect great things.

Magic Apathy Ball

The site run by my friend Todd Erven. Again, it's a fairly new blog and one can tell he has come under some bad influences in his life (not enough, but we're trying). Todd is yet another Silat player, and though his teacher has addicted him to French speaking beer, he is a pretty good fellow.

Blog bloggy blog blog

And yet another new blog, also by a friend. I have known John for quite a while, though we just met in person less than a year ago. He is a thoughtful fellow, check him out.


I met Rory once through a mutual friend. He is the guy all these "self defense gurus" wish they were.

You know the ones I mean, coming up on the mean streets of Santa Monica or Scott's Bluff, got their training as a bouncer in a biker bar (while that sounds impressive, isn't really a good qualification. I've been a bouncer in a biker bar, it was a mostly pretty mellow gig, people came to drink and enjoy themselves, not beat each other over the head with bar stools). Beer gut hanging over their belts, telling us ad nauseum how bad they are.

Rory on the other hand is an understated, soft spoken fellow who has worked the really scary side of the street, dealing with people who are the worst nightmares of your worst nightmares.

He is an intelligent, thoughtful person and can comment quite lucidly on areas of the human condition that most of us have no understanding of.

The Heart of the Matter

My friend Terry introduced me to Barry Eisler's books, and I have been very happy he did.

Eisler writes about a half Japanese professional Assassin called John Rain.

While most of these sort of books are Right Wing monkey spank novels (I remember one of that type I read in an airport once, "The Warrior thrust again and again into the man beneath him. His victim's moans were music to his ears". This of course was talking about a knife fight, go figure)

Eisler is not that kind of writer. His characters have an inner life, they are complex and layered. The plots, while fiction, have at least a basis in reality, and he has done his research.

All in all, and interesting person, check him out.

The Guru’s Handbook

I have mentioned this blog before, but it bears repeating.

If you have anything to do with teaching on any level you will benefit from reading this.

Formosa Neijia

A friend just turned me onto this site, and it has loads of great information and useful material. If you are at all interested in "internal" martial arts or Qigung you will find much of use here. I particularly liked this post.

Visions of the World

This is the blog of my friend Sophia. It is a journal of her journey, and I have found it quite interesting over the months I have been reading it.

Gentle Creation

Lastly, let me point you to Liza, a rather sweet young lady from Malaysia who has an excellent eye with a camera. I have been enjoying her work for some time now.



Dave said...

Thanks for the mention!

I found your postings over at the RMAX forum to be very interesting. It's a pleasure to be introduced to your blog, as well.

Formosa Neijia

John said...

"While most of these sort of books are Right Wing monkey spank novels (I remember one of that type I read in an airport once, "The Warrior thrust again and again into the man beneath him. His victim's moans were music to his ears". This of course was talking about a knife fight, go figure)"

That is hilarious!

Liza said...

Oh dear, thank you very much for mentioning me in your blog.

I haven't been updating my blog in a regular basis nowadays. Just started a new career. Again.

I am looking forward for your arrival in Malaysia soon.

Take care :)

Todd Erven said...

Thanks for the plug, Mushtaq.

Hope you're keeping warm over there =)

Sophia said...

Hi Mushtaq,

That is very kind of you to mention my blog, thank you.

I hope you have been well.

I need to catch up with you; life has been busy for the past couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

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