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Thursday, November 29, 2007

loyalty oaths?

We know that the Republican party is the party of corruption, hypocrisy, crime and disloyalty to the Constitution, but this is over the top even for them.

GOP will demand 'oath' of February primary voters

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- If you're planning to vote in Virginia's February Republican presidential primary, be prepared to sign an oath swearing your Republican loyalty.

The State Board of Elections on Monday approved a state Republican Party request to require all who apply for a GOP primary ballot first vow in writing that they'll vote for the party's presidential nominee next fall.

There's no practical way to enforce the oath. Virginia doesn't require voters to register by party, and for years the state's Republicans have fretted that Democrats might meddle in their open primaries.

Virginia Democrats aren't seeking such an oath for their presidential primary, which is held the same day -- February 12th.
This is the most Un-American thing I have herd of since the McCarthy trials.

I find it quite troubling that the Virginia State Board of Elections approved this travesty, but is shows just how far gone the GOP has become. The right to vote one's conscience is fundamental to a free democracy, that the GOP wants to have its members sign away this right tells me that the Party is dead to Democracy and the American way.

This is still America! No one can, or should try to force you to vote the way they want you to.


Anonymous said...

Sighhhh .....I think more and more BOTH parties are full of hypocrisy, corruption ,crime and disloyalty to the Constitution ..and the concept of citzenship as well. I am beginning to think our government ( not necessarily the people ) are losing its grounding in "what is just and right". I am politically independent but tend to vote toward what I think 1) effects competent and true National security and 2) protects/ insures and holds highest ,our Constitutional Rights . I vote conservative when I think these parmeters are best served and the other " direction", when appropriate , which is as it should be! Our system protects the dissenting voice as much as the one most pleasant and agreeable. Your right to change your mind , form your own opinion and vote accordingly should never be pledged away to satisfy the insecure nature of one of the parties. I'm not sure either party quite fits that bill anymore....A competent approach to our security AND protecting our Constitutional rights. I honestly think the American people spend more time voting against who they think is the "greater of 2 evils" rather than enthusiastically voting" for " anyone.....but thats my opinion. We need another "Perot -like" wrench in the works to shake up the 2 big parties and remind them that they just aren't quite getting the job done. I don't think we've had a truely great president in ages.....and we really need one now....and everyone on both sides, I think , is lacking. I think no matter who wins ,we as a people will NOT have a BEST candidate in the Whitehouse.
Just my opinion....

With Respect
Doc D

Janet said...

It seems to me that protection of the dissenting voice is crumbling these days. This kind of oath is further evidence that fear is the reigning motivator in our society.

Dan Gambiera said...

Great minds think alike or fools seldom differ :) I blogged the same story yesterday.

This is worse than the McCarthy era loyalty oaths. The GOP is requiring a pledge and destroying the secrecy of the ballot box in order to exercise a fundamental civil right.

The Dems are mostly spineless GOWannabes. But the Republicans' unconcealed contempt for everything from the Rule of Law to civil rights is a betrayal of every single principle this country was founded on.

Don't fuck 'em. Fucking's too good for 'em.