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Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Snow Winter 2007

We got our first real snow today

We have gotten flurries over the last couple of weeks, but nothing that has stuck......

First snowfall from the back 40
I guess winter is here.


steve-vh said...

Funny, nothing but a few flakes here. Unless you count the chicken feed that covered everyone's car after the feed truck lost his cover in the high wind.

ash said...

simply beautiful would love to visit one day.

Anonymous said...

Looks are deceving. on the way in to work this morning I felt the fallout of the cut backs in the plowing and sanding of the roads(very slick and i do know how to and enjoy driving in the snow).
Plus it didn't help the 4 wheel drive didn't want to work this morning as well!
But beautyfull none the less!

Michael B. said...

72 and balmy down here in Tejas.....Santa has to wear bermudas on his big day down here..LOL

Jay said...

anytime you post shots around the house it awakens fond memories of past events.