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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bluegrass and Blogs

Up late, working, listening to Bluegrass.

I have been catching up on a great deal of work that had been put on the back burner when my computer went down for the count. A good deal of it has been in the area of web design this week.

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but when I work I tend to favor Bluegrass.

One of my projects has been to do a complete remodel of all the web site, blog, and forum for Steve Barnes.

When I put his blog together, it was a matter of getting something up so that he could start writing.

And then there is his main website (sigh) it was kludged together from about three separate sites, which was bad enough, but while I was off line he had to get someone to do some updates, and that never seems to work well.

I chose Rhonda Vincent as my inspiration for Steve's site.

Both web design and Bluegrass are at their best when they tell stories, and Rhonda knows how to tell a story.

I have the bones of Steve's new site sorted out and have his material "branded", a whole new look and feel as it were.

I took a lot of the artistic inspiration from Steve's novel "Lion's Blood", which I consider one of his very best works. (yes, that is in fact a plug for the book in case you haven't read it).

The main site won't be up for a bit yet as we are still working on content, but I have the new blog design online and you can check it out here.

Another project was to help my buddy Buddha get a blog up in honor of his birthday.

This entailed both doing up some graphics and code for him and teaching him how to use the blogger interface to add his own content to his blog.

I chose Alison Krauss to do this work by.

Here is a piece that shows some of the roots of Bluegrass, The Chieftains & Alison Krauss performing Molly Ban, an old Irish ballad.

You can (and should) check out Buddha's new blog here. Buddha is on my short list of "people who I want with me when civilization as we know it comes to an end" (something more likely to happen soon as no one seems able or willing to stop Bush) and is one of the more interesting and colorful individuals to hang out at Innovative Martial Arts and Casa Pippin.

For working on my own blog I threw on some Dixie Chicks to work by

Here's one of my faves, The Dixie Chicks performing "Cowboy Take Me Away".

You are already here so you can see the changes I have made to this blog.

This is just by way of a quick update, more later.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Cherie. GREAT NEW BLOG. I am thinking about starting one again. I have been Hard At Work designing the gameboard, card deck, etc for the Eleuthereom and getting marketing channels in place. If you talk with Todd, I'd like to have that recording he put up with more of a direct link to the coming project. I am just about to purchase a new computer system - BIG multimedia machine -- and am going to go into video as well.

Hope you are doing well. Call me if you can my cell is 707 863 1876

Janet said...

Thanks for the intro to Rhonda Vincent. Was not familiar with her.

Nate said...

Awesome! When I was in college I picked up the Legacy of Herot at the local used book dump. Great book- especially interesting given my bio studies at the time. As for music: the Bad Livers, Red Clay Ramblers (best claw hammer banjo player ever) and the Gourds (my all time fave).

Steve Perry said...

I thought sure you'd choose different music to inspire your for Barnes's site.

Superfly, maybe.

Shaft ...

Yeah, yeah, I know. Whaddya gonna do? Can't take the redneck anywhere ...

Michael B. said...

I love the Bluegrass...having grown up on it in southern Indiana, just a stones throw from Kentucky,,,,Mushtaq check out this movie ( The Song Catcher) if ya deals with the formation of Bluegrass through the roots of the Appalachian mountain folk. Good music bro...I feel ya!