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Sunday, September 02, 2007

We must never forget that George W Bush is a religious bigot

and a COWARD to boot!

I have been hording my minuscule computer time until I get my new system, but I couldn't pass this one up.

It seems that the Shrub, after his speech to the American Legion in Reno NV last week, met privately with the families of some of the solders were killed in the service of our country, or at least some members of the families.

The parents and brother of Sgt. Patrick Stewart, killed in combat in Afghanistan, were invited to a private meeting with our Prezdent, (all hail, all hail) but not Sgt. Stewart's wife.

Why would Mr "support our troops" snub the wife of one of our fallen solders you may well ask, the answer is simple, she (as well as her late husband) is a Wiccen.

Not only that, she, along with two other Wiccan widows, had to sue the Veterans Administration to have a pentacle placed on their husband's grave markers. It seems that the VA does not like Wiccans, nor does George Bush. Bush is quoted as saying;

"The military should rethink their position. That's not a religion."
G.W. Bush, then governor of Texas, referring to the Wiccan religion
It should be obvious by now that there is no room for the rest of us in Bush's "Christian" America.

That the man should be so callus as to snub the widow of a man who gave his live in the service of his country because he disapproves of her religion is a heinous and un-American act of the worst sort. It is also the act of a coward.

We have seen over the last six years that The Shrub is unable to deal with criticism of any sort. Bush's handlers have gone to extraordinary, sometimes illegal lengths to keep Bush from seeing or hearing the American citizens who disagree with his failed and damaging policies. I am sure he didn't invite Mrs. Stewart because he was deathly afraid of her asking him something like "Why were you willing to spend the life of my husband in pursuit of your war, but were not willing to respect his faith?" That would never do for a guy whose ego is so fragile it can't bear to see a protest sign.

In George W Bush's world only the kind of "Christian" who follows the so called conservative program has any rights. (People like Ted Haggard).

In my book that makes him no different than Osama Bin Ladin. They are playing for different teams, but they are playing the same game.

Bush was forced to apoligise to Mrs. Stewart for whatever it's worth. I don't believe he meant it, but I am known for being old and cynical.

On a somewhat lighter note, Doonsbury made this observation about Bush, Republicans and Conservatives today, enjoy.


Dan Gambiera said...

Well yes, but isn't that just the sort of tedious left wing whining we've come to expect from the Reality Based Community? His exit strategy is the Rapture, so it comes straight from the Lord. Yours is some sort of plodding "solution" that will involve "choices" and insult America's Manhood.

You obviously don't support President Cheney or his sock puppet and believe in silly things like that damned piece of paper. We'll have to throw you out of the Young Republicans and cancel your membership as a Chairman's Circle Faith Partner in the 700 Club.

charles said...

Throw him to the young republicans??'re cruel! Remember what their chairman did to that homeless guy on the park bench? Imagine a whole room full of the them! That's the stuff nightmares are made of. "I'll talk! I'll Talk!! Just keep those Young Republicans away from me!!!!"

Dan Gambiera said...

Or what their most recent chair did to a sleeping man (allegedly sexually assaulted - charges filed)

Or what their previous chair did to a young female subordinate (actually sexually assaulted - pleaded guilty)


I was thinking Mushtaq deserves to be throw out of the YRs, But now that you mention it, I think they could benefit from being thrown to him. Something about "the Enlightenment of Manju Sri which strikes like a thunderbolt".

Michael B. said...

Salaam Mushtaq..glad to see you putting pen to paper once again or fingers to keyboard etc...any way you kknow what I'm getting at...LOL...Very good article young man...but I disagree with only one point. Who said Bush and Osama are on opposite teams?...Could have fooled me, looks like Osama is leading off and Bush is batting clean up, and striking out every freaking time.

Anonymous said...

But aren't Wiccans pagans? Doesn't the Q'uran say to attack them whenever possible? To subdue, convert, kill, enslave or have them pay the Jizya and know thety are subdued? Why do you support Pagans if yu are Muslim?

Mushtaq Ali said...

Well, no.

The Quran says "There is no compulsion in religion" and "We made you as different peoples so that you can know on another".

Historically, it has more often been Christians who kill non-believers. I suspect our fundamentalist fanatics learned it from your fundamentalist fanatics.

So why do you care who I support?

Mushtaq Ali said...

You've really got to wonder about someone, when you point out a blatant case of religious bigotry committed by our president, can only ask "well how come your not bigoted against these people?".

Sophia said...


I certainly live in a bubble. I mostly don't watch or read news related to Bush so I was out-of-the-loop on this one. It didn't really surprise me, though, even though it deeply saddened me. I can't stand knowing that the country of which I am a citizen is being led by someone who is so close-minded, they can't even open a book to educate themselves about other religions.

The term is almost over! Thank God!

Michael B. said...

Wow, Mr. or Ms. anonymous are obviously an asinine statement. The type of person who looks for the dark in everything as opposed to the light!

Anonymous fits you oh so well!

Salma said...

Dear Anonymous,
Perhaps you are not aware that there are verses in the Qur'an that were revealed for a specific place and time in history to guide the early Muslim community in Mecca (over 1400 years ago). The verses you refer to are good examples. They were revealed during a time when those who had heard, understood, and accepted the message of Islam were under attack by a majority who did not understand it and who saw it as a threat to their entire way of life. All that mattered to them was wiping out the message by wiping out the Messenger and anyone who supported him. After having suffered for a long time without retaliation at the hands of the "pagans" as you term them, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his followers were given permission by God (Allah) to fight back. These verses that you refer to do not mean that Muslims are enjoined to carry out that order forever and ever indiscriminately. It was a matter of self-defense during a time of war. Unfortunately, there are even some Muslims who do not do their History homework and who are themselves confused about what these verses mean. What good would it do to kill the very people who need to hear the message of Islam most, especially if they are not bothering anyone? And do you know what the greeting of the Wiccans is? It is "Blessed Be". (May you be blessed). I hope this helps in some small way.

Assalaamu Alaikum,
(May peace be upon you),

Salma said...

Dear Anonymous,
I need to clarify one small point that I thought was obvious in my comment above, but maybe not. When I said, "What good would it do to kill the very people who need to hear the message of Islam most...?" I meant, "If you THINK they need to hear the message,... (as some people may). I did not mean that I personally feel that Wiccans ought to be "converted" to Islam. Afterall, as Mushtaq said, there is no compulsion in religion. (A verse from the Qur'an as well).

Assalaamu Alaikum and Blessed Be...

Scooter said...

Thought you might enjoy that article.

Dan Gambiera said...

So when do we get to see the clips and comments about the tournament?