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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happt birthy to my bleeding country

It was two hundred and thirty one years ago today that our founding fathers, rebelling against tyranny, declared independence from the enslavement to Monarchs. We stopped being subjects and became citizens.

In those days we had great men as leaders. Flawed perhaps, but great never the less.

What American is not moved by the memory of Washington, Jefferson and Franklin? Who is not moved by the words of Tom Paine or Patrick Henry? Even now, when I think of Henry's bold challenge "Give me liberty or give me death" it still gives me chills.

From those great and fragile beginnings, from that great and audacious experiment in freedom, we have come to this.

The gang led by George W. Bush and Dick Chaney destroying everything those great men and women fought, bled and died for in the name of greed and power. The citizens of this once great country manipulated by fear into ruining our military, beggaring our economy, and giving away the freedoms won for us by the blood of patriots.

The cynical manipulation of our citizens is something the first King George could only dream of, and the rape of natural and human resources would turn the British East India company green with envy.

In this, the birthday of the country that I love, the country that produced two of the most important documents in the history of the world, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United Stated of America, I weep for what we have lost and what we have become.

Here is a birthday song for us. God bless America and save her from the tyrants and criminals who have taken possession of our government.



Janet Lee said...

I remember as a child, having only heard the heroic tales of America, how I would swell with pride when the national anthem played. As an adult, I learned the other, often dark side to many of these stories. Now, it takes an act of will to overcome the cycnicism, rage and disappointment I often feel looking around at the imperfections.

Yet this morning as I walked through my neighborhood picking up trash thrown down by others, I can honestly say I still love this land.

steve-vh said...

Wow, nice version!

Steve Perry said...

And a happy 4th to Scooter, who -- not to my surprise -- landed on the Get Out of Jail Free square.

Lotta presidents have abused this particular perk, and it's perfectly legal and all, but it does have a certain something-is-rotten-
in-Denmark odor to it.

I like the people who leap up to point out that Clinton pardoned some guys just as bad or worse (and he did), but saying that such somehow excuses Bush? Bad-plus-bad doesn't equal good, does it?

Steve Perry said...

I hope you get your net fixed, Mushtaq. You are way overdue. I'm reduced to reading Bobbe's blather ...

Anonymous said...

I think when Mushtaq comes back on he will regale us with tales of how much one can get done when the internet isn't there to distract us. :)

Stickman said...

Rant on! I hardly recognize the country in which I was born and raised ....