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Friday, June 15, 2007

Think very carefully about this

Then read it again and ask yourself what kind of people would take this seriously and with an obvious sense of acceptance.

Exxon has a plan


Dan Gambiera said...

It's just A Modest Proposal.

I knew Igor when he was an undergrad. He rode a yellow motorcycle with a Haida whale design on the gas tank. He also changed all the "Front Avenue" signs to "Malcolm X Parkway" and had people in suits vomit red, white and blue in front of then VP Dan Quayle.

Later he was responsible for the Barbie Liberation Organization. It's no surprise that he's responsible for the Yes Men.

Absolutely crazed, but brilliant and creative.

Janet Lee said...

The Yes Men movie was one of the best I've seen for illustrating just how asleep to reality and lacking integrity the Big Boys are.

Glad to know they continue to shine their spotlight on the criminals.

Steve Perry said...

Makes sense to me. Waste not, want not ...

Frank said...