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Tuesday, June 12, 2007



African music at it's best


Sophia said...

"Wake up world, wake up and stop sleeping,"

"Open your eyes"

This certainly speaks of the condition of many people today, who are walking around in a sleepy haze, unaware of the many things around them, and even unaware that they are alive! I get like this sometimes, too, but every now and then it hits me, "Hey, I'm alive!" And it's like magic.

kevin said...

The comic book writer of the Sandman books discussing HP Lovecraft. Maybe you've seen it already, but if not you'll enjoy it:

Anonymous said...

That was quite refreshing . . . and thanks for the link.

But also check out my friend Bob Tarte's new video:

That's a hoot.

You drive past his house every time you ride your bike into Lowell, MI.

More movies available at:

(bottom of page).