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Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Note to Trolls

Just so we are clear on something.

If you want to post a diatribe to the comments section here you will need to sign your message. Posting a comment here is not a "right" it is a privilege, and I am not disposed to allow comments from people who have so little conviction in their words that they hide behind anonymity.



Bobbe Edmonds said...

TELL ME ABOUT IT!! I get crap all the time, but it's always signed "Anonymous". When I stopped posting it, I got hate mail. Nice. It's always somebody starting something they wouldn't dare if their name was known.

Michael B. said...

all trolls must die!!!!!!!

scott pearson said...

Okay, entirely different subject -- on the news today it was reported that Census Bureau said the U.S. had reached a sort of milestone -- the U.S. was now about 25% non-white.

I thought this was interesting, as originally the land that became the U.S. was 100% non-white.

Also interesting the debate over Hispanics and (for some) Spanish in the U.S. I'm not quite certain, but it seems to me that the first European language spoken in the Northern hemisphere was not English (Italian and/or Spanish, I believe), unless you count the Viking settlements, in which case it would have been a form of Scandinavian (oh those Nordskies).

Anyway, seems like so many people think that the U.S. was only Western European stock until the present day.

No problem if you don't publish this. I just wanted to say it cuz it seems like no one is noticing.


kevin said...

A little news item I'd file under, Of interest to Monsieur Guru Mushtaq"

Bobbe Edmonds said...

When did he become FRENCH??

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Apparently he didn't want anyone to know his initials were MGM. (I wouldn't.)

On to more serious business: Mushtaq, I've tagged you. Details at Thinking Blogger