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Friday, March 30, 2007

Yet another reason that America should invade Texas.

We need to capture their leaders, try them for crimes against humanity, execute them and institute an American style democracy in that benighted place.

Read it and weep.

When you are done weeping, go here and see if there is something you can do to help.

Fuck Texas!

As a matter of fact, Fuck The South!


Steve Perry said...

Um. Maybe not.

"We're rednecks, we're rednecks/ and we don't know our ass from a hole in the ground/ we're rednecks, we're rednecks/ and we're keeping the niggers down ..."

Listen to the Randy Newman song,

he's more on the money than folks who wave their hands and point fingers and say, "Oh, those terrible Texans!"

Substitute the name of any other stater (or foreign country resident) for "Texans," and it's just as accurate.

Yeah, they've done some bad shit down in the Lone Star State.

Show me a state where they haven't.

At its peak, there were chapters of the ku klux klan in nearly every state in the union.

We mostly still have those pointed teeth, us humans, aren't in any way truly civilized, and if you step off the main highway in Minnesota or California or Oregon, you will run into a certain narrow-mind set that is less than humanistic.

Not many folks who can cast the first stone when it comes to being without sin.

Mushtaq Ali said...

You forget Steve, I am from New Mexico (where we know Texans to be slant drillers who come to our State, get drunk {on pearl beer} and shoot up the wildlife, or more likely the livestock).

It doesn't matter so much to me what someone did fifty or even twenty years ago, I am more interested in what people are doing right now, an "everybody used to do it" is a poor defense for the evils that Texas does daily, right now.

Even for the South, Texas acts toward minorities and "undesirables" in a particularly egregious manner. ( ).

Mushtaq Ali said...

And let's not forget what it was like when "The South" had real power in our government (Something Texas gave us again with Bush, DeLay and all those other assholes from Texas);_ylt=AiPSEoEtxqUjXrSnOE7_Cn.MwfIE

Steve Perry said...

Well, just to show the general mindset of the populations, a few numbers:

In 2005, the rate/100,000 of murders, rapes, and aggravated assault in Texas were, respectively:

6.2, 37.2, and 229.

And in a more civilized state, such as, say ... Michigan?

6.1, 51.3, and 362.

You are marginally more likely to get kilt in Takes-ass -- one-tenth of a percent more. But your chances of getting raped or attacked with a weapon are a lot higher in Michigan than Texas.

And if you are thinking, well, sure, but Detroit skews those numbers, Texas has three burgs that are bigger -- Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas, and couple more pushing Detroit for size --
Austin and Fort Worth, so it isn't just the urban gangbangers in the Motor City ...

Both states are somewhat higher than the national averages:

5.6, 31.7, and 291.1, but neither Texan, nor Michigan make the rest of the country look like Eden, relatively-speaking

Yeah, yeah, I know, you are talking about institutionalized evil, but my point remains. We are none of us living so close to the Garden that we can point fingers and claim God's grace.

The klan might not be much these days, and thanks goodness, but the mindset, once you step out into the boonies pretty much anywhere in the U.S. ,isn't so far away as most people would like to believe. "Family" values have traditionally contained a shitload of sexism and racism, and you don't even want to go down the road of religious tolerance. If you aren't an upstanding, church-going Christian, best you walk lightly and talk softly, as you well know ...

And yep, the devil can quote scripture to his own ends, and all statistics are suspect, but that means all of 'em ...

Mushtaq Ali said...


I am not sure why you think your statistics on relative crime rates between Texas and Michigan have any relevance to my point. It seems to be a bit of a straw man argument unless I am missing your point completely.

We are not talking about crime rate here, we are talking about how laws are applied in a racist and unbalanced way. If you want to check statistics, you might want to look at sentencing differences between Whites and minorities in Texas as compared to other States. That might tell us something interesting. Or percentage of minorities in prison as opposed to whites.

You keep bringing up the Klan and the misdeeds of the past. Let me remind you, since you are contrasting Texas to where I am living at the moment, I used to live in Grants Pass Or. That was the seat of the Klan in the North West back in the 60's. It isn't now. People got fed up and drove them out. I used to live in Longview WA. There were laws on the books there until the early 70's forbidding Black people to own property within the town limits. That has also changed. People woke up.

All of that is nice to think about, but it has NOTHING to do with how Texas conducts itself today. Right now.

You can quote me all the statistics you like about things that are not germane to the topic, but at the end of the day, Texas is a place where the courts will sentence a 14 year old black girl to seven years in PRISON for pushing a hall monitor, but will give a white kid probation and a suspended license for drunk driving. When you can show me other States who do that sort of thing with as much or greater frequency as Texas, then we can talk about Texas being just like everywhere else. Until them I will continue to consider The Lone Star State (TM) to be on par with Pakistan and Serbia for human rights violations.

Steve Perry said...

Mushtaq --

I guess my point is that people are the problem, and that while some place like Texas has its share of bad ones, they aren't the Lone Ranger down there.

Per capita, you have as many bad ones in Michigan as there are in Texas, and laws neither make, nor apply themselves.

Recall that, um, war we're in? The idiot running it was elected, more or less, by a combination of folks that included among them well-meaning, but frightened ones, idiots, and the Supreme Court.

The country has been defiled, in my view, by the Idiot in Charge -- dead U.S. troops, dead Iraqis, massive debt, zero credibility in the world, and on and on. And yet, not everybody who voted for the guy is mean-spirited, some of them truly believed he was the man for the job. I wasn't one of them, but I know some who did.

"Fuck Texas" and "Fuck the the South" is a sweeping generalization that takes in a whole bunch of people who are not mean-spirited, nor racist, nor any more evil that those who live in your neck of the woods. My mother and father still live in Louisiana. My sister is married to a black man down there. So I thought your comment was a tad on the, um, ungracious side.

I think your brush is too broad.

The same logic might be applied to the U.S. Look at all the bad things being done in the name of the country. It would make more sense to say, "Fuck the President and his Halliburton cronies!" than "Fuck the United States."

Recall what Cassius said? ""The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Steve Perry said...


Broad, sweeping generalizations are almost always wrong -- including this one I just made ...

When the twin towers came down, I wanted to see somebody's ass kicked for it. Afghanistan was too broad a target, but it was also an easy one. Going in and surgically slicing up the guys responsible, yeah. Bombing the country back to the Stone Age, no. Not that it had far to go, most of it.

I was against that war, too, but I didn't say, "Fuck the troops!"

That Bush and company decided to expand the War on Terror to Iraq had its roots in something else entirely, anybody paying attention knows that, but, not to put too fine a point on it, people were scared shitless by the attacks of 9/11 and they wanted a shooter running things. And if he had to cap a few more raghead heathens? Well, too bad. Collateral damage.

Recall the mood in the country around then?

That broad brush covers well, but it slops paint everywhere, and it's the kind of thought process that gets us into trouble.

Rather than say, "Fuck Texas!" why not narrow it down to the judge or jury responsible for a heinous act? Don't you believe that there are people in that state who find such behavior repulsive? Just as there are people in the U.S. of A who find Bush's behavior repulsive.

And don't forget he's not a Texan.

What I'm arguing against is the burning-down-the-barn-to-get-rid-of-rats attitude. Lord knows there is way too much of that around.

Because they do it doesn't mean we should do it.

I know you don't believe that everybody in Texas is evil scum. I'd just like to see you focus you attack on those that you know are.

Search your heart and see if you can see why I pointed this out. I have trouble being kind when I think about Bush & the Boys, and I don't want to become an example of Pogo's Dictum. It is a worry.