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Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring has sprung in West Michigan

The snow has melted, the groundhogs and squirrels are playing in the back forty, and the sun shines for hours at a time.

So I got my bicycle out of the basement, tuned it up and have been spending all my free time riding and working on getting my legs back in shape after the long winter hiatus.

Biking is in many ways my favorite form of exercise. When I was living out West I would use my bike as my major form of transportation for most of the year, going weeks at a time without ever getting in a car.

I am not quite there yet here, but I am working on it. Grand Rapids is not quite as bike friendly as some other places, but there have been advances in this direction lately.

The voters here have just approved the building of a new bike path that will go right by the house and connect up with several others in the area.

Another very kewl thing that has happened locally is that a hot dog and pizza place at the local shopping center went out of business and was replace by a very nice, very upbeat bike shop.

I was just in there to check it out and was very impressed. the prices are surprisingly competitive and the service was first rate. If you are a local it is worth checking out, and if not they will be selling through the web shortly so take a look at their site.

Remember every day you ride a bike is a day you take your money back from the oil companies, and the most expensive production bike costs a lot less than the least expensive car.


Dan Gambiera said...

Good as far as it goes. This is how it really is.

Salma said...

Please be sure to wear your helmet!

Mushtaq Ali said...

Always, as well as taking along a small bike repair shop in my daypack :-D