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Monday, January 08, 2007

A New Knife

Or why you haven't heard from me in a while.

I mentioned a while back that I had an inspiration for a new knife design. Well, since then I have been hard at work getting it from inside my head to here in the world.

Here it is.

I was going to name the knife "So you think you're going to tattoo me and put me in a camp do you?", but that seemed just a bit long to be practical (even though it expresses my sentiment nicely).

Instead, I've named it the "Sagai Kidogo", which means "little spear" in Kiswahili. Sagai is not the most common name for spear (you would more often say "mkuki" or "fumo"), but it is the Kiswahili pronunciation for the Bantu word "assegai". I went with the Bantu derived name because certain facets of the design came from talks with my friends Nigel, Lloyd and Jason from South Africa, and I wanted to reflect their input.

The knife if forged out in such a way that there is no need for handle slabs.

The handle is all of one piece with the blade

This adds a good bit of weight to the knife, it is about twice what you would expect a knife this size to weigh.

The balance point is right at point where the knot and the blade meets, making the knife very nimble and quick to use even with the extra weight.

And that extra weight is important.

It gives the knife greater thrusting and cutting power. If you use it right (like a splitting maul, letting the weight of the tool do most of the work) it will do major damage with minor effort.

The knife is made from 5160 steel and left blackened from the forge. The handle is wrapped with "poor man's micarta", pure hemp cord soaked in very slow setting epoxy.

It is rare that I make a pure "fighting knife", being that I prefer a tool I can use every day, but I am quite happy with this one.


Unsane said...

Nice knife!

Dan Gambiera said...

Looks like the African UR-knife. Nice job!

ksmaguro said...


Steve Perry said...

Nice. Not as elegant as the tiger knife, and a tad large to carry around in my little white-bread bedroom community, perhaps -- plus being a dagger and all -- but certainly effective-looking.

Might want to bring a gun to the fight if somebody wave waving one of these at you ...

Michael B. said...

Has a nice smatchet look to it, rustic and a bit barbaric...I dig it..Good work

Terry said...

Very nice, have I ever told you that I need some of your knives, and maybe a walking stick?

B said...

I do like the working title of the knife. A shorter version may be the "Damn the Man Knife".

silatsera said...

very nice and yet effective knife

Anonymous said...

coool little knife

Anonymous said...

Just curious. Have you ever gotten a quarter of beef and used your knife on it full-strength and full speed? A little spendy, I know, but if you have, I would be interested in knowing the results.

The reason I ask this is that on another blog someone had a picture of their preferred knife for self-defense, and all I could think was that "if yhe strikes bone with that kind of knife at full force, he is going to hurt yhis hand bad enough to stop the fight on his side."

Sorry I logged in as anonymous, apparently my browser decided it wasn't going to auto-fill for me after all.


Mushtaq Ali said...

Usually I don't use meat for testing any more. I have used leg of lamb and it works pretty well, but you can't do anything but stew after.

These days if I want to check reverberation and such I just cut down a sapling or two, this gives me a pretty good idea as to how the knife will work in the hand.

This blade cut quite well, with the sweet spot right at the middle of the blade. There was no problem with vibration. I think that if one had soft hands skin might abrade a bit with use, but my hands are fairly tough from swinging clubbells and such that this was not a problem.

Bill said...

That blade has a strong resembelence to the applegate smatchet, same kind of design but smaller package and easier to handle.. I like the way the point is on the centerline of the handle and makes things easier IMHO to pierce aggravating items or things that keep pushing the issue..

also Mushtaq, arusha bowie, any word on the final design yet? I have heard it mentioned on the blog from time to time and I still would like to get one for my use on guam and one for my son in germany who is also a deploying force to iraq.