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Friday, December 01, 2006

Winter's First Snow

Has arrived.

We had a little snow a couple months ago, but Today's counts as the real start of the winter hibernation season for West Michigan.

Here is the lone Pine in the back yard looking all seasonal.

And here is the trail head that leads down to the river

After I manage to get the snow off the driveway so that people can get their cars parked this evening I will see if there is still enough light to take some pictures down in the woods.


Unsane said...

Way too cold.

Mike Blackgrave said...

Great I miss the winters of Indiana...hmmm I am getting that bug again to venture back to 4 seasons.

Marc Amante said...


I sent off an email to the Oriental Institute to find out about the Sumerian Lexicon project for you. Haven't gotten any info back yet, but I did find this website:

Not sure if you've seen it or not. Hopefully I'll find out more before next week.