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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So what do you do when one third of your fellow citizens want to take away your rights

Because you are a member of a different "fan club" than them?

Yep, a bit more than a third of people polled here (39%) in the States think that you should not have the same rights as them if you are a Muslim.

I find this rather sad. My family has fought for the United States to preserve our Constitution in every conflict since the civil war. Even so, this does not matter to many of my fellow countrymen.

Some of them want to force me to carry a special ID card, others want to tattoo me with a crescent on my forehead, still more want to take the citizenship from me, though my father fought for it in World War 2, and my grandfather in World War 1 and so on.

The Right wing Authoritarians, the Neo-Cons and BushCorp have done such a good job of creating fear in this country, that over one third of us are willing to destroy our way of life to feel safe again. They want to make America a slave state along the lines of the old USSR, A fascist dictatorship.

So what do you do if you know that when you look at a crowd of people, that one in three of them care so little about the things that made our country great that they want to put me in a concentration camp because I follow a different religion than them.

Well if you're me, you go for a walk in the woods.

This is a trail head to a path I have been working on for a couple of years. It leads from our yard to the river in a loop of about a mile. I started it in order to more easily get firewood out of the forest, but it has become a project to make the land and the river more accessible. By next summer this will be the way to an outdoor training area and a place for us to picnic

The trail is not only popular with us humans, the local deer like it as well. Deer tend to be fairly lazy, so when they find a nice clear trail they tend to use it. (they're lucky I don't hunt much any more

One of the really fun things about new snow is that you can see all the creatures that live with you. This day I saw the tracks of fox, weasel, coyote, deer, skunk, rabbit, Heron and more.

Much of the property here is "bottom land", so in the winter it bogs up with the rain and then freezes over. You have to be a little careful if you don't know the land. You can be walking over thin ice covering three feet of water.

This is a seasonal creek that drains down to the river. It is a popular hangout for the beasts of the fields. during the summer it is dry, but from late fall to mid spring it is an important bit of water, both for the sake of the wildlife who relies on it but also because it helps drain the land.

A heron was by today, hunting the creek for a bit of food. Even in the hart to winter there is much activity in these woods.

I like these trees, so I photograph them and their sisters often throughout the seasons.

And then there is the river. I have stood at this point often, and it is never the same. I have recently discovered that our banks are occasionally visited by beaver. I didn't even know that there were still beaver around here, but they seem to stop by here for a lunch or a quick snack of sapling fairly often on their way to or from wherever beavers go.

There is a peace to be found in the woods and the wildness you cannot find around towns and men, it cleans the soul.

But it also reminds me that I am made from this land, my very molecules are taken from the soil of America, and no one will take this from me, ore me from it just because they don't like the way that I find my connection to the Divine Mystery.

As is often the case, I find inspiration on these walks. Today it is a new knife design . I have one project to finish, then I will heat up the forge and take it from my mind and give it reality, much as the land I am born from gives me reality.

When I have finished it I will put up some pictures. It will be just another thing that comes from our woods, but something I think will prove useful.


Janet Lee said...

Are you sure those weren't turkey tracks? I didn't think heron stuck around here for the winter. (They're one of my favorite birds and I would love to see them strolling through snow).

Mushtaq Ali said...

They could very well be. The ID is a bit tentitive. I was guessing heron because I had seen one that day (A late starter) and the fourth toe is a bit longer than what you can see in the photo. But we do have a number of wild turkey on the property so you could be right.

Dan Gambiera said...

I say "So, nu?" :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, and beautiful pictures.

Unsane said...

Very pretty.

Also I want to ask you if you think that there is anything "quintessentially African" -- for example spontaneity and self reliance which build character. I am writing an academic thesis and would hate to be charged with essentialism, but still, I feel that the academic anti-essentialists are often those who perceive a sad kind of human atomisation, general roboticness and spitefulness to be the best we can do in a human society without inciting revolution and bloodshed. I don't agree. I think that those who have actually lived in Africa can appreciate that there is something humanising about it (all of it?--I am not sure). There is something in my own experiences, in Zimbabwe, which is deeply entwined in life, through the concrete aspects of it, which I think many (most?) westerners find hard to understand.

What do you think? Please email me: scratchy888 at

murid_aisha said...

Hmmm,throughout history in this great nation that your forefathers fought for, there have been many periods of isolation and rejection toward some groups: The Trail of Tears, the Japanese internment camps... and let us not mention how the south was built.

I certainly hope that people's opinions come around and don't head for some ro be ostracized physically by law.

That is the saddest thing I have heard in a while. %39???
Suddenly I feel momentarily quite vulnerable and disliked.

None the less fear nothing but...

Thanks for the heads up. And I really appreciate the rest of your blog message because it is Lovely, deep and spiritual. We should all focus on those things.

B said...

Kinda sounds like the grumblings prior to Kristallnacht to me. Disturbing indeed.