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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What you can look forward to

If DeVos becomes Governor of Michigan

Only it is likely that it will be "private contractors" from Blackwater who have taken over security for our schools to "save money". (You do know that DeVos is deeply connected to the owner of the world's largest and best funded right wing para-military organization by marriage don't you? You know that Blackwater is supporting his bid for Governor, right? How much would you like to bet that there have been some "outsourcing" agreements made?)

So check it out! There was a little "drill" in the town of Wyoming, Mich. a couple of days ago. We didn't hear much about it here, though Wyoming borders Grand Rapids. I wonder why it is a story picked up in Florida but not reported locally.

The entire thing seems quite ill conceived, no parental notification, terrorizing the children involved, Swat teams carrying guns into a school after there has been so much press on the latest school shootings, these thing are not designed to build confidence. But no doubt Blackwater will do a better job.

Hat Tip to Bill for this story



Dan Gambiera said...

Time and The Nation arrived in the mailbox today.

The cover story in the first was about how this election is a referendum on the Decider and the world he has created. The Nation said much the same but added that it may also be the last election which determines the future of constitutional government in this country.

murid_aisha said...


I had a feeling that the link would have been removed. Sure enough..itno longerworks. How delinquently diligent of "them"

Here's a site or this what you were talking about?