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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It used to be DWB (driving while Black)

Now it's FWM (Flying while Muslim)

So six Imams, coming home from a conference on religious tolerance, wait together in the Minneapolis airport for their flight. The sun sets and three of them go off to one side to make their evening prayers. A bit later the Plane boards and the Imams get on. A few minutes later the police show up and take the Imams off the plane in handcuffs.

It seems that some person saw them praying and freaked out, then passes a message to an attendant warning that the Imams may be terrorists.

Whatever the folks at US Airways is claiming, what we have here is a case of fundamentalist bigotry perpetrated against American citizens because of their religion.

And before one of the Right Wing Authoritarian "Bottoms" who breeze through here from time to time starts spouting off about how these people are not real Americans, All of you who are reading this, unless your name is something like Red Cloud, or Begay, are children of immigrants. Take a look at the CNN Article here, and take a look at the video while you're at it.

It is rather ironic that CNN reports this, being that they promote this sort of bigotry. Take a look at CNN's Glen Beck and what he has to say to our first Muslim Congressman, "Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies". The funny thing is that he is still on the air. If he had asked the same question to a Jewish member of Congress in regards to the bombing if the USS Liberty during the Sid Day War he would have been handed his walking papers before his show was done.

This happened because the Right Wing Authoritarian hate mongers have worked people up into a state of hysteria, and it has got to stop! They only do it for the money anyway.

So if you are sick of this shit please Contact CNN and tell them that we don't need Glen Beck fostering bigotry and hatred in our country just so CNN can make a buck.

And I would be vrey greatful if people started contacting US Airways and letting them know that what they did was not something that Americans do to our citizens.

If you don't want to email them you can use these other contact methods.
Telephone 1-866-523-5333
5 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday, MST
6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sat-Sun, MST

Fax 80-693-2300

US Mail
US Airways
Attention: Customer Relations
4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85034.



steve-vh said...

You know, I read this in the paper over breakfast today and breakfast had a distinctly sour taste. I couldn't believe how disgusted I felt. Not only with the ignorance of the passengers but moreso with the reprehensible behavior of the airline personel. Can I have the Goth kids at the local football game removed from the stadium because they make ME feel uneasy too?
I was going to tell you about this earlier today but I wanted you to at least enjoy some of the nice weather today.

Dan Gambiera said...

"Open your eyes and see they do.
When the knock over there, friend
They're knocking for you"

With that knock on the door,
Knock on the door.
Here they come to take one more.
One more."

murid_aisha said...

Guru Mushtaq,

Yes, quite deplorable! We watched the clip with Glen Beck on the Daily Show... what blatant bigotry. I think they should be required to take the 3rd N- out of their name.. Their channel is just C.N. as long as they employ him. Then again, corporate "news" has been a farse for a long time.


Michael B said...

The incident in question is a sad testament to whats wrong in our society today..bigotry based on bias and conjecture, but it didn't suprise me one bit. As for the video of Mr. Beck, once again nothing new in the selective category of what is and isn't news worthy.People act as if all this shit is new, nothing could be further from the truth it has been going on since this country and every country has been formed, now does that make it right? NOPE, but it is what it is, right, wrong or indifferent. There is very little that shocks me or even raises my pulse anymore when it comes to the BS that our so called leaders, media and even citizens come up with..same ol shit, different day!!!

Steve Perry said...

Right off the bat it seems like bigotry on the face of it.

Then again, I read a couple articles about the incident, and it doesn't seem as cut and dried as it does on first viewing.

Given the tenor of the times, yelling at your friend John at the airport -- "Hi, jack!" -- isn't not a good idea, and I think it would be difficult to be even remotely paying attention to world events and not know how spooked folks are at the local airport these days.

Since I wasn't there, and since I have little trust in the news in general -- they always seem to get some part of it wrong, every time, I'd be hesitant to make the jump to a conclusion that we have heard all the facts.

Too many times I've read some awful thing in the news that, on further investigation, turned out to be something other than the first blush would appear.

Anonymous said...

I have to go with Steve on this, if it is as it seems then it is revolting. But the only thing I am certain of these days is that I never know the whole story on something like this.


Anonymous said...

On the lighter side, it does sound like a great opening line for a joke, "So, six imam's walk into an airport in Minnesota..."

Mushtaq Ali said...

There is much about the story that begs for more information. The thing is, I know enough about how one would normally conduct oneself if it were necessary to do one's prayers in an airport to know that the claims of the upset passengers that the three Imams were "praying in loud voices" to be quite suspect as that is not "Sunna" in the situation. Most commonly, each person would do their prayers 'under their breath", not in congregation, and even if they did the latter the one leading the prayer would only speak loud enough for the other two to hear.

so the question is, does it matter enough to you to find out the facts and to help all Americans (these were American citizens as I understand it) hold on to our rights.

Terry said...

Just the fact that they were escorted off of a plane for praying is enough of an affront to
what our country is about, that it should rile everyone about the depths of fear and stupidity being brewed up.
What would the reaction be if White Baptists were escorted off the plane for "praying loudly"?
This is messed up on so many levels...

Steve Perry said...

I would like to know what actually happened. I think this is problematic, given the nature of the incident.

That the other passengers were hyper-sensitive would not be surprising. What they thought they heard might not have happened.

Then again, sometimes where there is smoke there is fire.

That we are, by and large, a racist, sexist, intolerant society is a given, and how much that might have been part of things is not to be lightly dismissed.

These days, everybody's responsibilities regarding public transport by air have shifted. I wasn't there, and it sounds ipso facto bad; however, I am not so quick to automatically assume that the ain't-it-awful scenario happened in pure black and white.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Terry that it is a screwed situation in general. The truth is that if anyone is escorted off a plane for "praying loudly" in this country the people who made the call to remove them should be up on discrimination charges.

But this is the ideal in this country, not the reality. And the reality may have been that the imams baited the situation, or that the other passengers were hypersensitive and need to get a clue.

My biggest concern is that I don't know what the situation was and there is no real way for me to find out. This means it is a hard situation for me to pass judgment on.


Steve Perry said...

Um, a little addendum:

In my misspent youth, I was a journalism major. Dropped out to travel across county and study karate, and eventually a hippie, but eventually got back into it a bit. My wife published a tabloid newspaper for several years, and I wrote for it, as well as doing review for the local daily. One of my running buddies was a full-time reporter for The Oregonian.

I offer this to make a point: Reporters make mistakes. Because I am a writer, I've been interviewed a number of times, for print, radio, even the tube. And I took to writing my bio in third person -- "Perry wrote ..." etc. because every time I was interviewed *every* time, they always got some part of it wrong. And that included my buddy when he interviewed me.

This was done by people using notebooks, recorders, and video cams.

Secondly, I have, as I am sure most of you have, been at newsworthy events in which I was an eyewitness. But, come the piece in the paper or on the local news, I just shook my head: I dunno where that reporter was, but he must have been on Mars, given what he thinks happened and what I saw happen.

Thus I have learned to take news reportage, even from those sources that I find are usually dependable, with a barrel of salt.

Just to put that into the hopper here ...

Dan Gambiera said...

This certainly does have to be taken "in context". The context also includes things on the other side of the ledger. Steve Perry points out that many people will consider a bunch of swarthy Orientals standing and saying something quietly in their strange tongue to be alarming.

The other part of it is the clinically paranoid state of mind in the airline security industry. People have been arrested, thrown in jail and forced to have invasive medical tests for taking rubber bands on an airplane. You can be detained with no rights, no lawyer, no ability to communicate for having a plastic bag that says "Kip Hawley is an idiot." And you can be detained for having a t-shirt with Arabic writing.

Sorry Steve, but if you're going to be gushy about the ounce of feelings in one pan you need to take some account of the brick in the other.

Steve Perry said...

You never heard me say it was right, or just, or in any way less than awful to be on the receiving end of racism, sexism, or any of the other bigotries.

Show me where I said that.

It's wrong.

I'm pointing out that, terrible as it is, that's currently the state of the state, and if you know that and choose to disregard it to make a point, you might find yourself in shit to the eyeballs. If that happens, if you knew the game was dangerous when you stepped up to play, you don't get to whine about it it you get thumped.

Sure, it ought not to be that way. I wish we lived in the village of the happy nice people myself, old hippie that I am, but we don't.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of thing.

In a perfect world, there wouldn't be any divisive religions, each claiming to be the one, true, path.

Maybe we can make it better, and kudos to those who try; however, you need to pay attention to how you do it.

Back in the sixties, I watched the '68 Chicago convention riots on the tube. At one point, there was a long-haired guy standing in front of the police line -- all those blue-helmeted fellows with riot batons in hands --and this guy is calling the cop in front of him a fucking pig and giving him the finger. Right in his face.

This was one of my people, and I remember thinking, Lord, how stupid can you get? Yeah, the cop isn't supposed to whack him for that, but I knew he was gonna, and sure enough, he did. It was wrong. But I understood it.

You don't have to agree with something to understand how it works.

You don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, either.

Bobbe Edmonds said...

Or alternatively, when I see birds flying south, I know winter is coming. I don't have to wait for a snowball to whack me in the back of the head.

murid_aisha said...

Yes... it is awful.
Yes... Muslims should know what they are getting into if they pray anywhere except at home or in the masjid or atleast somewhere private and safe.
I wear a hijab to school, on the train etc.. but when it comes to work, simple hair wraps... and when it comes to flying? Hats.

It sucks that today I am apprehensive to fly. Not because of plane accidents, or hijackings... because i can't even be who i want or wear my own choice of clothing. OR even be free to say "sallam" to someone on the phone. A friend of mine (total skater white/hawaiian) who happens to be a sufi is now on the watch list, and banned from an airline because a friend in the airport who was with him before he went past security said "sallam" on the phone. He also had to mail his Qur'an out of worry.