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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

And the only thing to worry about is how successful the Republicans will be in their attempts to suppress votes and steal the election.

Of course as we saw six years ago, this is something they are very good at.

I do not remember any election in my lifetime that has had so many blatant, illegal attempts to disenfranchise voters. (with the possible exception of the deep South in the early Sixties)

We have seen The Republican Party use a whole bunch of dirty tricks, many of them against the law it seems, to chase people from the polls.

In Missouri, we see Republican pole workers demanding photo ID when people come to vote (a tactic to keep the poor the elderly and the dark skinned from voting) even though this has been deemed against the law. Fortunately, the did so to the wrong person.

In my home state of New Mexico, the Republicans have been attempting to target voters with Latio names, telling them that their polling place has been moved to some location that will be very difficult to get to.

The Dirty tricks to keep people from voting in Virginia have gotten so bad that the FBI has become involved. Personally, I am surprised that we are not seeing Allan at a polling place with an ax handle.

In Utah we have more voters registered that there are people to register, go figure.

And then there are those darn "Robo-Calls" that the republicans have been using to attack Democrats and to turn off voters.

The question is not will the Right Wing Authoritarians win, it is will they be successful in stealing the elections through dirty and sometimes illegal means.


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