Realities Created, Maintained and Destroyed, WHILE-U-WAIT!

Friday, October 27, 2006

You just can't make this stuff up!

President bigot Bush talks about Muslims, Iraq and Ramadan with his best buddies in the press.

This is the kind of person we put in office, left in office, allowed to make decisions to invade Iraq, and cost thousands of American and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. (and anyone who knows anything about Islam knows that violence during Ramadan is frowned upon, no reward there folks)

Read it and weep people, then get out and vote, the election is almost here.



Adam said...

Wow, I love this quote.
"How come they couldn't see the great conflict taking place in front of their very eyes? Why did they lose their nerve? Why did they not support moderate people who yearn for something better than the vision of the extremists?"
-President Bush
It is supposed to be refrencing the Mid-East of course, not the extremists in our own country.

steve-vh said...

I don't think I've ever been less impressed buy the intelligence (sic) of a president. Deplorable

murid_aisha said...

That's hillarious! But,if he didn't want it to get out, how did the recording become transcript?

That has to be a Texan expression "lipstick on the pig".It must mean fooling one's self or something?