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Monday, October 23, 2006

Keith Olbermann Bitch Slaps George Bush across the TV screen

It is such a relief to hear someone say publicly what so many of us are thinking.

George Bush is a Madman and has lead this country to ruin!

Head on over to Crooks and liars and check out Keith's commentary from tonight's Countdown on the latest GOP fearmongering. Ask yourself if it is true, then ask yourself how you are going to vote in November.



Janet said...

He gets more of my respect with each rant!

Dan Gambiera said...

Why hasn't he been fired or shot?

Mushtaq Ali said...

"Why hasn't he been fired or shot?"

Because his ratings have gone up about 60% it seems.

He is just saying what people are thinking.

Dan Gambiera said...

I.F. Stone lives.

We've come to a sad state when two comedians and a newscaster are the moral core of the vocal opposition. If Olberman, Stewart or Colbert runs for President he'll have my vote.