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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Guru's Handbook

Some things are so important that they burst through into the collective human awareness no matter what the minions of endarkenment do to stop them.

I have a friend.

This friend has been a Teacher for quite some time,
most of this time not fully aware that this was so.

One day I said to my friend something to the effect of "you really need to write down the process of how you understand Teaching" (I use Teaching rather than teaching to make a distinction between bringing someone to an awakened state and just imparting data).

This brought up a number of issues, all of which were dealt with in good time.

The outcome is The Guru's Handbook.

Take a moment to read the entries and to think about them. Then pass on the address to someone who might benefit.



Bobbe Edmonds said...


I have longed for something like this, and there is precious little out these that promotes genuine teaching methods...Most of it is "How to get rich teaching martial arts" dreck. Thank you so much for bringing this to light, Mushtaq. If I know you at all, I'd hazard a guess that you prodded poor Asher until he collapsed in a screaming fit of "Stop prodding me...I'll do it already!!"

As with so many other people (Me? Naaah!) you were right.

I'm gonna link him later today, when I have a sec.

Steve Perry said...

Good stuff.

Janet said...

Thanks sharing this- very satisfying