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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who would Jesus Bomb?

A look at the Christian Taliban and their "Madrasa" system.

Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time has heard me say that what we are seeing today in world politics is a war of the Right against the Right. Well, it looks like the Isomorphic nature of this war has gone up a notch or two.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the "madrasa" schools used by groups like the Taliban and the Wahabbis to indoctrinate children, it works like this. A group will set up a "free" school for poor children in (usually) impoverished, outlying areas of Muslim countries. Parents send their children in hope that they will get some sort of education (and often a free meal) but what they get is religious indoctrination into the fundamentalist cause, with hopes of them becoming cannon fodder in the War against the West (TM).

You may remember what the Jesuits used to say, "give me a child until age eight and I will have him for life" (or something to that effect).

Well the fundamentalists on the Bush regime side have started their own madrasas. One, called "Kids on Fire Summer Camp" has just come the public attention through a documentary called Jesus Camp (check out The Web Site for the movie).

If you would like to be frightened, check out (the trailer) for the movie. I have to warn you though that it will be very disturbing to anyone with even a modicum of decency.

Or just watch this

Not worried yet?

Well ask yourself, if the Wahabbis are so effective at getting people to kill themselves to get at the targets they want to take out, how long will it be until we see these kids running suicide missions against family planning clinics, a gay marriage ceremony, a synagogue, or your local Democratic Party offices?

Is this really the country you want to live in?



Mushtaq Ali said...

I don't know how comments got turned off, but they are back on.

Dan Gambiera said...

When Blood in the Face came out. The ad said "Forget Silence of the Lambs. This is the scariest film of 1991." Camp Jesus should be similar. It opens the weekend of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. I've got no doubt which one will keep me awake all night.

In many ways the Medieval Islamists are exactly the same thing as the Dark Ages Christians. And each needs the other as the Enemy who gives them meaning and the ability to frighten the masses.

It's not a struggle between Christianity and Islam. The real war is between the midbrain - them - and the forebrain - those who try to act out of reason and compassion. I'm afraid that no matter which of strain of fanaticism wins we will lose.

Steve Perry said...


I find I'm not in a particularly charitable mood toward religions at the moment, and this is one more ugly brick on an ugly load.

Would that they were all wished into the cornfield. We'd be better off.

Unsane said...

Religions get away with a lot because so many people implicitly believe that they are the moral flagships of their societies. How long will it take before we see the truth?

Anonymous said...

this freaked me out. gave me many shivers.


Michael B said...

Where do these people come from?...absolutely frigging amazing....and people wonder why this world is so mucked up!

Dan Gambiera said...

I just saw Jesus Camp. It's even more frightening than Blood in the Face. Taliban R Us.

murid_aisha said...

It's really like that. The degrees of separation are few between growing up in that environment or strict indoctrination of madrassa. It is not equal sometimes due to issues like treatment of women.. HOwever both are frightening as well as fueled by fear and an "us against them mentality" of religious right (Reich?)