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Friday, September 01, 2006

So I guess i get another fifteen minutes of fame


When I make a custom knife for someone I don't talk about it as a rule. I also don't put pictures of it up in public places. I do this out of respect for the privacy of the person who ordered the knife.

But sometimes the person who owns the knife talks about it, then I can say something myself without violating the Blacksmith-knife owner privilege.

So a little while back my friend Steve Perry commissioned a knife in the "tiger claw" pattern (kuku macan).

I got a good deal of pleasure in making this knife. For me there is nothing I like more than making a blade for someone I know.

I was quite happy with how the knife turned out. I did a clay temper in the edge (like a katana)

Well, it turns out that Steve is including the knife in his latest book!!!!!

Steve is finishing the last novel of the late (and much missed by Sci Fi fans) Chris Bunch.

You can see a couple of pictures of Steve's knife and read the chapter where the knife appears on Steve's Blog. Tale a look, and buy the book when it comes out, it promises to be a good yarn.


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