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Saturday, September 16, 2006

George Bush threatens to harm Americans unless the Senate give him what he wants

That's right, we are being held hostage until Bush gets to torture people again.

According to the Washington Post Baby Bush has threatened to Close down "a CIA interrogation program that he credited with thwarting terrorist attacks" unless the Senate give him a free hand to circumvent the Geneva Convention (read the full article here).

So what Bush is really saying is "Let me do what I want or I will remove the thing that is protecting you".

Now I don't know if this program did any good beyond lining the pockets of Bush's cronies with money, but if it had any value at all, doesn't it seem a little weird that Bush would use closing it as a threat to get his way?

The only thing we can be really sure of is that George W. Bush has the emotional maturity of a spoiled ten year old, and that he will continue to hurt America until he and his evil cabal get voted out of office.



Russ said...

I agree with your assessment but there may be a ray of hope for us Americans yet. At the very time Bush was giving his let me have my torture speech, over at the Pentagon John Kimmons the Army's dept. chief of staff for intelligence, outlined to reporters the militaries new field manuel which explicitly states there is not going to be any torture and unusual detail. The military wants the world to know that they are not going to condone torture and that torture does not work. What the pres. wants done though with the C.I.A. is another thing, of course.

Dan Gambiera said...

A White House reporter other than Helen Thomas just asked The Decider tough questions on torture and continued a line of questioning. Praise be the Name. It's about frickin' time.

It's a sad day when the professionalism of the military is the only thing standing between us and the rack.

Bobbe Edmonds said...

Oh, great. The one thing missing from my day.

Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to flee to. Canada seems to be the only option, but I HATE the French. I don't want to drink "Coke Classique" Do they even have rum in Canada? Have they even HEARD of it?? Maybe I better get a supply train going now, while it's still allowed. Is Lovecraft translated in Engrish, or will I have to learn French? Dunno if I care to pronounce it "Le Cthulhu". And damned if the Canadians aren't the snottiest bunch on the continent.

...Outside of us Americans, I mean.

Somebody give me some ideas for where to go to when the military crackdown comes. I'll need a sanctuary to avoid being lined up & shot with all the other people who didn't kiss Dubya's putrid ass. Will do Pencak Silat for food.