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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The techniques you use are the tools by which I defeat you

This was the topic for a Silat class.

This goes to the principle of "utilization" (pergunaan in Bahasa) which states "whatever an opponent gives you is exactly what you want him to do".

This is a "mindset" thing of course, in that is develops flexibility in both thinking and action.

As a matter of fact, it is the mindset that allows (in part) a player to enter into "flow" during a match.

Some of my students have had a little trouble getting their minds around this concept, I get questions like "Gee Guru, so if someone puts you in an arm bar, that's what you wanted him to do?"

To which I usually reply, "Don't think of technique!"

The truth is that very often the person who win a match or a fight is the one who recovers from "failure" and surprise first. It is very rare for everything to go your way, and when you technique fails there is that instant of having to "reset". If that moment takes longer than the time your opponent needs to capitalize on that instant of having to figure out what to do next, then you lose.

One way to counteract this is to train yourself to "utilization".

In order to do this you have to put away the idea of "technique" because that is what succeeds or fails.

Instead you have to view a match in terms of outcome. The outcome you are looking for is to deliver enough energy to you opponent that they cannot integrate it into their structure. This can be through strikes, locks, throws or whatever, and you keep moving and changing until the energy is delivered.

It all becomes a matter of "energy", not in the "woo woo" sense but in the feel of the thing.

If you throw a punch and it is blocked your technique has failed and you are a beat behind. If you "extend energy" through a punch and that energy is redirected you just flow around/under/over/through the redirection. It is a little mind game that can save you several fractions of a second in recovery time.

You train your self or your students in this through various flow games, which I will write about later if there is an interest.



Asaraludu said...

Selemat, Guru Mushtaq Ali

I have a definite interest. I'd love to hear the details of some of the flow drills/games.

Also looking forward to seeing you at the Fall Gathering!


murid_aisha said...


It's always a pleasure to get Silat teaching and techniques.


Dan Gambiera said...

The best technique is always after the fact. You do what you have to. You look around whne the dust has settled and say "Wow. I must have done "Classical Nude Descends the Staircase followed by Purple Dinosaur Sings Annoying Song."

Mike B. said...

Timing is the key to the lock, when one falls behind in timing the flow now becomes the catalyst to regain the beat....thump, thump , thump....