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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Attack of the Right Wing Trolls

Such as it is.

Usually when I get this sort of post to the comments section of the blog I jus ignore them, as talking to such deluded people is mostly useless.

In this case though I decided that it might be possible to use the rantings of a fantasy addict to make an important point.

So if you have any interest in such things I have extracted the conversation from the comments section of the post it was put and appended it here.


A Right Wing Conservative here,

I always find it unfortunate when I run across someone who has so lost their humanity that they no longer identify themselves as a person but as an amorphous, abstract concept. Especially when they do not in fact espouse any part of the philosophy they claim to "be".

Goldwater "was a Conservative", Buckley "is a Conservative" Judging from your message it is more likely that the philosophy you truly espouse has nothing to do with conservatism and is closer to fascism or some other totalitarian political philosophy. It almost certainly has nothing to do with the democracy created by our Founding Fathers

Excuse if I note some irony… forgive me some hypocrisy as well. Your whole life is about training to hurt other people, yet you speak almost as a pacifist. Martial arts are a beautiful thing. They are a true art, the moves, the feelings of power when breaking a board and so on. But bottom line is that you make your living training folks to hurt your fellow man. You can candy coat it all you want, rationalize it by saying that you'’re developing a students inner strength, self confidence or whatever, by teaching him or her to break someone else's kneecap. Lord.

Feel free to be as hypocritical as you like, it is part and parcel for people who claim to be "conservatives" these days. I would like to suggest that you are hallucinating. Please point out any place in my writing where I have claimed to be a "pacifist".

But then you can't, can you?

You aren't talking to me (or even about me) you are speaking to an internally constructed image that you are using to produce a set programmedmed responses that you have become addicted to.

Thanks to modern science we now have the evidence to demonstrate that people who claim to be "Right Wing Conservatives" conveniently delete any information that contradicts their preconceived notions of how things are, then reward themselves for doing so with a little internally generated heroin analog.

You might want to check out these documents for the latest information on the subject.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that people who identify themselves as "right wing" tend to need an authoritarian leader to tell them what to do. The leader they choose is the one that reinforces their addiction the most effectively. (Which explains Hitler, Pol Pot and Bush).

You make fighting knives and I assume sell them, yet leftists, like yourself would disarm the average citizen and give them no means to protect themselves. Let'’s face it, someone tries to mug you or a loved one while your there, the mugger is going to end up paste. Yet folks from your side seem to want to deny basic right to self defense. (Note Home invasion rules in many blue states, the victim is required to flee their own home if possible before shooting the SOB breaking in).

Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Do you notice the warm feeling that comes over you as you read your words? That feeling of righteousness? How nice it is to "show that left winger"?

If you had any contact with reality you would have noticed two things. First, that I am a strong supporter of the second Amendment and always have been. Second you would have noticed that there are more types of people in the world than the simplistic "us and them" you have divided the world into.

Even the name of your blog, you go through some mental judo quoting Sun Tzu, like it relates to non-violence, instead of forcing your will onto someone else who is objecting with as little effort/risk as possible. You really need to look in a mirror and find your hart and conscience because you are truly lost man.

Jesus said "before you criticize your brother for the mote in his eye, remove the beam from your own eye". You can't win an argument with me because you are not arguing with me, you are arguing with an internal construct that you are using to get a fix.

The good news is that your addiction is curable (though you have to want to be free of it) I suggest you spend some time studying critical thinking, and perhaps some General Semantics. You can find some helpful links here

The thing that you have really failed to notice though, the most important thing, is that there is fundamentally (pun intended) no difference between the politics of Bin Ladin and Bush .

It is the same game, just different teams. What we have today is a war of the Right against the Right. We have it because the Right found a way to disempower "liberals" and the world is only relatively safe for the rest of us when the so called "conservatives" and the so called "liberals" have a balance of power between them so that they cancel each other out.

Think about it, if you were a Muslim you would be an Al Qaeda supporter.

If you want to continue this conversation you can post with your name, I have no use for anonymous right wing trolls.


We all have a choice, we can remain robots that live at the level of fantasy and addiction, nothing more than stimulus/response meat machines that distroy each other over competing dreams, or we can find a way to become what God intended, truly human.



eshuneutics said...

Linguistic self-defence.
"In me there is no place for the rhinoceros to bury his horn"...a big problem for the right-wing rhinoceros.

Bobbe Edmonds said...

Man, some people need to wake up and smell the Catholics burning...!

Actually, there is nothing extraordinary about this fellow. Blanket statements about generalized suppositive arguments are nothing more than obsessing over the irrelevant. And all this hullabaloo over the so-called "Right Wing Conservativism" is even worse: Worshipping impotence.

>"Your whole life is about training to hurt other people"< Wow, can't generalize the entire life of someone you have never met much more than that, now can you?

It's easy to say "I'm right because I have a get out of jail free card from the Risen Christ". Hey, nobody beats the Riz! Rather that than read a fucking book. Make your own decision. Use your God-given sense. Dagon forbid you THINK FOR YOURSELF. That would make you start thinking you were accountable for your own actions then, wouldn't it? My, how that would sting! You couldn't simply go running to Daddy saying "I'm forgiven"! (translation: "I got off scott-free! Back to the whorehouse!!")

You know what I would like to hear? For a change? "God didn't give that person AIDS because he was trying ot punish him. That person gave it to themselves by the reckless behavior of having unprotected sex with a stranger. What happened next was simply the rule of osmosis".