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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yes Terry, I said Tomahawk

Terry asks (in the comments to my last post) "Did you say tomahawk???"

A good tomahawk is a joy forever as far as I am concerned.

This one is the closest to being finished, though it still needs polishing, and I will be adding brass tack work to the handle.

I prefer a hawk with a hammer poll to one with a spike as it is much more practical. You could (and frankly I intend for it to be used in this way) take this hawk with you camping or backpacking and use it as a tool daily, while still having all the fun and style of an early American tool.

The head is high carbon steel, but with a softer, tougher temper than with a knife so that it can withstand impact better. This is what you would want to have with you if you had to build a log or sod house by hand, pioneer style. The handles for these are made from hickory, ash or other suitable hardwood.



steve-vh said...

And don't forget to mention the balance. Terry, Mushtaq got the balance just right. At a working grip on the handle, there is no strain on the hand/wrist. You could truly work with this one all day long. No need to ever choke up.

Mike B said...

Very nice work....Mushtaq u are truly a smithy in every sense of the word..good job!

murid_aisha said...

Guru Mushtaq,

Your weapons are always facinating (the tiger claw was gorgeous). A tomahawk style sounds intriguing. Doesn't Sidi BlackGrave use a tomahawk style?