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Monday, July 31, 2006

Understanding the latest crisis in the Mid-East

In the last few days several people have asked me what's up with Israel and Lebanon, "why are they fighting like that?".

Well, the answer is simple, but no one is going to like it.

The latest chapter in the ongoing Arab/Israeli conflict is happening for the same reason that all the others over the last five decades have happened.

Each side hates the other more than they want peace.

The various political pundits on both sides will tell you why this is all wrong (of course most of them have never even spent time in the area in question or talked to regular people there, but what the heck, their political theories have got to be more real than what is actually happening)

I on the other hand can remember when Beirut was called "The Paris of the Levant", and Lebanon was held up as a shining example of how Christians, Muslims and Jews could live together in peace and harmony.

Well, those times are long gone.

I have sat and listened while Israelis justified there treating the indigenous population of the region much in the same way that European settlers treated the native population here in the States because they had a "historical right" to the land (it reminds me all too much of the "manifest destiny" doctrine) and I have listened to Palestinians justify atrocities against children for much the same reasons.

As far as I am concerned neither side has a moral leg to stand on, both sides have embraced unspeakable evil. Anyone who supports either warring group is just as bad.

I have heard it said here that we must support Israel because they are our friend and ally in the Mid-East.

Well, this is not true. Israel is no one's friend, nor is anyone theirs. We use them for our needs and they us for the same reason. If you don't think this is true just think for a moment about the USS Liberty, the shooting of members of the foreign press or the shelling of inconvenient UN watch posts.

Not that I blame them for this, we are not their friends, Israel is just a means to an end for the West.

And of course the Palestinians hate us. Fifty some odd years ago the Western powers set up the conditions that put a good number of them in concentration camps (yes, I know they are called refugee camps, but a rose by any other name....) And trust me, when people with guns come and take the land that has been supporting your family for a few hundred years and leave you with nothing, you don't really care if the people with the guns can trace themselves to some ancestor that lived in the area a couple thousand years ago.

So here is the bottom line. There could be peace between Israel and Palestine right now, but nether side wants peace. Either side could stop the fighting by claiming the moral high ground. But neither side wants this, nor is it in the interests of the people who control the government of the US, so it won't happen.

If we had a couple of people made from the same stuff as Gandhi or King on either side the conflict would end in our lifetimes.

unfortunately, hate is a strong drug, and it is easy to point your finger at the other guy and talk about all the wrongs he did you. (while conveniently ignoring your own bad behavior).

So the truth is that there is an ongoing war in the Mid-East because more people who live there want to kill everyone who isn't them than who want to find ways to live together. On top of this, the Right Wing war mongers of the West, the pseudo conservatives and Bushites feast of this conflict like the jackals they are, and do everything they can to keep thing just below the level of all out war. (If you want to know who benefits from this just follow the money).

Nothing will change until this changes. If you want peace in the Middle East then come the next election, vote the Republicans (the party of war and torture) out of office. (Personally I long for the days when the biggest scandal in America was the president liking blowjobs)



Stephen Renico said...


I think your blog is one of the most interesting I've come across in quite a while.

I'd love to exchange links with you, if you like what you see over at my site, "The Panday's Gazette".

Which obscure martial art is it that you study, anyway?

Mushtaq Ali said...

Hi Stephen,

I checked out your blog
( )
And I like your work very much and have added a link to your blog.

You may want to rethink linking to mine though, as your FMA teacher does not like me very much (I am not sure why, we have never met and the only thing he knows about me is that I taught his teacher, the one he doesn't talk about anymore, the juru juru duduk of Cimande) so you might be buying some grief if you link to me.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more of your blades in the future.

Russ said...

I'm glad I happened upon your bog. The Republicans will not leave easily and it will be hard to pry off their torturing hands from control of government. Fox news is already selling their constituents the idea that WMD have been found in Iraq.

Russ said...

I'm glad I happened upon your bog. The Republicans will not leave easily and it will be hard to pry off their torturing hands from control of government. Fox news is already selling their constituents the idea that WMD have been found in Iraq.

murid_aisha said...


Well said. It's hard for some to not take sides. Your breakdown is,as usual, clear, concise and a bit too honest for some. Thankfully you always throw in a good joke or two to lighten the mood.

Thanks,miss ya btw,