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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Why does Don find all the cool toys first?

That would be our Don, not some putz that has usurped his name and is using it under false pretenses.

He has found a place where you can put together your very own music list with groovy pictures of the album covers.

Of course I have to ask "why anyone would want to do this?"

Several reasons come to mind.

If you are young, it may be sort of like feathers on a peacock, something to attract the interest of people you might like to meet.

You may want others to know just how kewl your tastes are.

You may want some way to remember what you are listening to (this one is for us old folks)

Or, as in my case, you may think that there is value in what you are listening to for some reason and want to encourage other to check out the tunes.

Or you may just like the pretty pictures.

Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!



Don said...

Why does Don find all the cool toys first?

Too much time on Teh Intarwub and not enough training. But now that I've got a steady gig at that Big Red school on the hill, that'll change once I get a few paychecks under my belt. (Still, my sticks haven't been completely neglected) ;)

FYI, your CD layout is running into your sidebar, at least on my browser. It's possible to shrink the size of your CD covers on the layout page.

murid_aisha said...


Thanks for the great posts.. Wow, i didn't realize one of our favorite groups Zap Mama had so many CD's.. I have only been able to find 3 so far.. That was great!! The other links were fabulous too.


Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

Hey Mushtaq-- can I get you to contribute something for the Progressive Faith Blog Carnival this weekend? (details at my blog)

It's become kind of a "usual crowd" thing, and I'm trying to assemble an unusual crowd.