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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This Week's Music

I guess my taste in music could be said to be "eclectic" .

This week I have been listening to a good deal of music by native performers.

I discovered Sharon Burch years ago when A. Paul Ortega, the Mescalero Apache singer (and homie) introduced her to the world on his album "Blessingways" (if memory serves). She has a sweet voice and sings in both Navajo and English.

I was introduced to Ulali through Robbie Robertson (by way of my friend Chuck) and they have some great vocals. A lot of their music has more of an "Eastern Woodlands" feel.

The Black Lodge Singers just rock!


Dan Gambiera said...

Damn you! Now there's half a dozen more artists I have to check out. Music Millenium must be sending you kickbacks.


Aaminah said...

Asalaamu alaikum. Yeah, the Black Lodge Singers are my family's favorite! But we are perhaps a little biased since they are our tribal brothers and sisters, LOL.