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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The City of Roses (and other flowers)

So last week Chuck and I head to Portland Oregon because of an event that was taking place there.

It has been a while since I have been there, but I used to live in the area, and I have friends there, so I was looking forward to the trip fir several reasons.

While Portland is one of the rainiest cities in the US, sometimes the sun does come out (It is not true that residents sacrifice goats at times like these, it is just that everyone barbecues all at once. I admit that the pits do look a bit like alters, but there is nothing to it, really)

I am still writing about the thing that brought me out there, but I wanted to give you a bit of a walk around the city.

On one day of my trip, after I had gotten all of the "work" things done that needed doing, I got a chance to spend time with friends. The early part of the day was spent hanging out with Steve Perry, who is one of those people you could spend hours talking with, but I am going to save that for a separate post.

Today is just a walk around Portland with a friend.

This is Sonia, a friend of mine from the time (several years ago) I lived in this area. We spent the afternoon wandering around the Pearl District and areas close by.

Sonia is one of the more interesting people to hang out with, she is both brilliant and unique, having a world view that has been informed by more "interesting" experience than perhaps any one person is entitled to.

While we talk on the phone fairly regularly, I have not seen her in perhaps three years or more so it was very nice to actually spend time catching up.

So we wandered around the city.

Portland has all these lovely old buildings with tons of character, one of my favorites, for some reason is the Radio Cab building.

It looks like a place you could tell stories about, and I have to admit, I like old brick buildings and interesting urban settings.

The city has a real diversity of architecture, such as this turreted stone house with slate roof, designed I suspect by someone with a King Arthur fixation.

One of my favorite buildings in the area is this Jewish Synagogue. It sits on a small hill next to a rather pleasant park, just looking slightly mysterious.

Portland has a reputation for being a dreary city with way too much rain. I have to say that this is often deserved. But during those times when the sun comes out for a while the city is transformed. The wistaria growing on this house sent its fragrance all the way down the block on the spring breeze.

Here is a shot of a dog we met on the street who was out walking her pet human.

And lastly, me in front of one of the better music stores out in the Hawthorn District.

Portland in the spring, how nice.



Dan Gambiera said...

The Portland Tourism Bureau will be sending you your check :-)

One correction, Music Millenium isn't in the Hawthorne District. It's on East Burnside.

B said...

YEAH!!!! I've quasi-traveled. My buddy, the savageaphid, goes on and on about how cool Portland is. It's nice to see pics of it outside of "The Hunted" (Don's fav training video)

Take care, Guru!

murid_aisha said...


Hard to say which picture I like best. Loved the flowers, adored the dog walking human pic... fabulous pictures. The picture of you outside the store front made me sigh... you had a wonderful time-- and seeing you i truelly miss you.
We would love to see you in Berkeley :).

Be well, Peace, Thanks for the pics,

Liza said...

Wow! You made me want to go there especially with the photo of that flower. I have great weakness for beautiful flowers and Portland is the city of roses. Hmm... how nice.

A very effective piece of writing. You managed to capture all the beauty in your photos and say it nicely in the posting :)

p/s: your friend Sonia is very beautiful.