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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More step up

The momentum is building!

Quite some time ago I asked "Where is the music?" Well here is the answer.

The Dixie Chicks have put out a new video that talks about their reaction to the death threats and such like while introducing us to the title track on their new album "Taking The Long Way"

Check out Dixie Chicks new video at Amazon for free.

Considering what they have gone through for speaking their mind I consider them to be American heroes.

Of course we are seeing a lot of the "How dare they criticize the President?!!?" from the very same people who were all over Clinton for his little excesses. The hypocrisy of these people astounds me. It is fine for them to rip Clinton a new one for cheating on his wife, but don't let anyone dare to say anything about Bush for driving our country to the brink of bankruptcy, being an incompetent administrator, committing crimes against the American people and causing so many deaths around the world.

So remember people "Blowjobs = evil, murder = good"

The "Old Guard" is beginning to speak out as well.

Neil Young has a few things to say about Bush and the war. He has put out a new album, Listen to it here for free .

Merle Haggard is going to really piss of the right wing and the drugstore cowboys with his newest tune. Take a listen and tell your friends to do the same.

I have not paid much attention to Pink. I have to admit I just assumed she was another self absorbed pop star. I was wrong. (hey, it happens) "Dear Mr. President" is powerful. Click on her name to see a live performance that just might give you a chill.

While she is not a musician, Ava Lowery is an artist. She is a 15 Year old girl who was moved to say something about what is going on in the world. She built a website called Peace takes courage where she puts up animations that express her thoughts. Of course she has received death threats from the American Taliban for her efforts. I particularity like "What would Jesus do?"



kevin said...

Radio is not the same as it was in the days of Bob Dylan, so you won't find what you're looking for on the radio. You won't find it the cd store, not anymore at least, but if you go to clubs or check out the alternatives to radio and old school marketing you will find it. You have to look to the underground scene, as always:
Good Friday


And just one little lyric from Mudhoney's song, Hard on for war

Todd Erven said...

I also dismissed Pink just as another "pop star", until I actually took the time to listen to her lyrics. They had me chuckling for quite a while.

I enjoyed Ava Lowery's website quite a bit, such deep thinking from a 15 year old surprised me.

Maybe I can look back on the things I just wrote and learn not to judge people so quickly? But then again, if I learned that lesson I don't know if I could still call myself a Christian =)

Bush sure seems to enjoy the smiting part of Christianity but also seems to like dismissing most of Jesus' teachings ... astonishing to see that from a Christian leader. I'm kinda jealous that God speaks to him personally, and orders him to bring down Judgement Fire on people as well. God's never ordered me to smite someone in His name.

Mushtaq Ali said...

Be careful what you ask for Todd.

God has an interesting sense of humor. You may be asked to smite a 6'6" biker on angel dust armed with an uzi, and all you have is that darn sling :D

redburns said...

Pinks song,STUPID GIRLS, is also a stong message for the teenage kids..

Unsane said...

The tide is turning for sure. People are starting to speak out against the inept and anti-thought regime!

Adam said...

There is also a new Tool cd out with a song called "Right in Two". check the lyrics out.

Adam said...

Tool also has a new cd out. The lyrics for "Right in Two" are very nice.

Todd Erven said...

I do believe that God would give me the tools to accomplish such a daunting smite.

I've been blessed with a few heathen friends (you know who you are) who could give their lives to distract the biker while I sneak up behind and ninja whomp him with one of your rungus.

Now when my wife sweetly inquires, "Honey, why the hell do you need one of those clubby things?" I can just tell her that it's God's will.

Mike S said...

You have a great way of pulling out the insanity of the logic of the current administration that is both amusing and disturbing...but well said. I wonder how other countries would respond to the "blowjobs = evil, murder = good" logic? My assumption is that ironically it's the Muslim extremists (or fundamentalists maybe) that would have the same opinion about blowjobs and murder. So essentially those that would seemingly be allies (Christian and Muslim fundamentalists) are those that are actually enemies. I think that "fundamentalism = right to hate." Wouldn't it be nice if we could get our fundamentalists out of power, and if they could do the same? Is that possible? Would that end this war? Is that the question that peaceful people have asked for the last two thousand years?

Mushtaq Ali said...


I have been contending for a while now that what we are really seeing in the world is a war of the Right against the Right.

The only difference between Bush and Bin Ladin are the teams they play on.

Mike S said...

Thanks Ali. I think you are correct. Do you know the expression, "two wrongs do not make a right"? In this case two rights apparently do make a wrong, right? I think we could learn a lot from the British, who seem to have this "two wrongs do not make a right" philosophy. London has seen many terrorist attacks over the years, and they just keep plugging away without making radical political shifts and alliances with any fundamentalist thinking. At least that's my impression.