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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The latest News

From Tribal Edge Knifeworks

One of the reasons that I have not been posting as much as I would like lately is that Chuck and I have been working hard on new projects for our little cottage industry.

My latest creation is a version of an Indonesian design called a "Tiger Claw" (kuku macan in Bahasa)
This one is made with a high carbon steel blade that has been "clay tempered" in the manner of Japanese swords. This gives it a very hard edge and a tough, springy back, and a visible temper line, called a hamon line.

The grip is made from zebra wood and resin soaked hemp cord. The turk's head knot that finishes the grip gives the hand a very nimble purchase on the blade when it is held in forward grip.

Since I finished the first one on May fifth I named the model the Uña Del Tigre.

We have expanded our product line to include canes and walking sticks that both look good and are superior self defense tools.. (A major subject for this year's Gathering of the Tribes).

We are making them in a number of different hardwoods and lengths, with an eye towards both form and function.

Most of them are designed to complement the cane fighting methods used by Silat Zulfikari, which will be demonstrated in an upcoming instructional DVD.

The walking stick/cane is one of the few self defense tools that can still be taken anywhere, so it has become one of the most practical ways to give yourself a little protection when traveling, or just taking an evening stroll.

We have also added a line of cooking knives.

This sort of happened by accident. Jennie, Chuck's wife, did not have any really good kitchen knives, so I made her a set (seen here) for Christmas.

There are made with high carbon steel instead of "stainless", so they will take and hold a razor edge with very little work.

I leave the blades blackened from the tempering process to help prevent rust. They have become our favorites, and nobody uses anything else for cooking now.

Chuck has perfect his karambit design, which he calls The Talon.

The blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel (if you are getting the idea that we are steel snobs and would not be caught using "stainless" steel you are correct) and offers an number of grip materials (my favorite is bloodwood).

The hand made harness leather sheath is very practial for everyday carry and offers a lightening fast draw.

I an just now building a website to offer our wares to a discerning public and should have it up in a week or so.



Steve Perry said...

Very nice blades, Mushtaq. Speaking as the owner of one of these new kerambits, I can attest that these are well-crafted and well-designed working knives, and I am pleased through Chuck's generosity to be able to add this one to my small collection of kerambits.

I know you are putting up a site, but -- how much for the kitchen knife? My current favorites in that department are a couple of Wasabi (Kai) knives and I love the drop-point shape.

And I wouldn't mind having one of the Tigre fighters, either. How big a knife is it? What are you asking for one?

ksmaguro said...

Very kewl stuff! When will there be an online store? ;-)

steve-vh said...

The una del tigre has got to be one of the most beautiful blades I have ever seen. I really was awestruck upon seeing it in person.

Terry said...

I need one of everything!
Very nice stuff.
Well, maybe just one walking stick, but one of everything else.
Designs will be on their way to you soon.
I heard a rumor of a kujang in the works, any news on that?

Mushtaq Ali said...

Steve (Perry)'

A private message is on the way.

Terry, I am going to be starting the kujang next week I think, I just annealed the steel for it.

Jay, yes there will be an online store with paypal and everything :D

Michael Blackgrave said...

Salaam...Wow..awesome work..Love the cooking knives Mushtaq..Anna's eyes lit up on those..I dig the walking sticks as well..perfect for the Silat Askari Topado work...great job!!

Michael Blackgrave said...

Salaam...Wow..awesome work..Love the cooking knives Mushtaq..Anna's eyes lit up on those..I dig the walking sticks as well..perfect for the Silat Askari Topado work...great job!!

Dan Gambiera said...

H0t pr0n for Silat players!

B said...

Well that settles it, Guru. I need a higher paying job for knifey goodness. I'm stoked since it's hard to find high quality knives in our style of arts and now I can have a silat knife made by a silat player w/ a freakin hamon line! ^_^ Now that's a knife I can take home to meet Mom.

murid_aisha said...


That kuku macan is just gorgeous. How lovely.

Now you get to design,and forge your own weapons? You must be absolutely thrilled at the prospects.