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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And without even stopping

Off I go again

We just finished the Spring Gathering of the Tribes yesterday, and this morning I am taking off to the wilds of Pennsylvania to collect some old time blacksmithing equipment (Anvils, hardie stakes, hammers, tongs and such).

The Spring Gathering was a resounding success, with people coming from as far away as Oklahoma for the long weekend. I will have the whole blow by blow write up when I get back.

This next trip was a direct outcome of the gathering and I will relate the story for your amusement upon my return as well.

Until then, be good (but not too good) and remember that the disastrous state the world is in today is a direct result of letting right wing "conservatives" have political, economic and religious power.

(Yes Brian, I will take lots of pictures)

(And yes, Ann Coulter is Osama Bin Ladin in drag)


ksmaguro said...

Safe travels!

steve-vh said...

Safe travels. Call me when you're back. Missed you yesterday.

murid_aisha said...


Good tohear you are enjoying yourself. Sounds fabulous. Miss you , and miss seeing more on your blog. Many thanks.